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The rehab business in India is mostly under-served, misinterpreted, and highly fragmented. Most rehabs are just involuntary de-addiction centers, run like jails where you are mostly sedated and caged. The rehab admission fee may range from free admissions (through NGOs) to 25,000, going up to 6,00,000 a month.

Zorba Wellness is India’s first chain of rehab centers with two operational centers in Pune, two teams of destination therapy specialists, a flagship center under construction in Mumbai (ready by January 2021), and four centers in the pipeline. The vision for 2021 is to have centers in Mumbai, Pune, New Delhi, Gurugram, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Kolkata. Asmara Investment is the investing company for Zorba Wellness.

Mr. Manun Thakur, Director of Asmara Investment, Zorba Wellness, and Sangam Lifespaces Limited, is an extraordinarily focused and influential industry tycoon. He has immersed himself in Mumbai’s real estate development for multiple projects. 

By the end of 2021, Zorba Wellness would have 5-6 centers across India with the following unique features : 

  • A proprietary rehabilitation program developed by leading doctors and neurologists
  • Voluntary centers allowing clients to live, meditate, rehabilitate freely, and even work from the centers
  • Standard Operating Procedures in terms of treatments, admissions, post-program care, etc
  • A dedicated 24-hour helpline with a counselor or guide available
  • Application for post-program consideration and in-program assignments.
  • Online counseling on website

Mr. Manun Thankur has also allocated a crore for the program, two crores for the current centers, and about five crores for 2021; this is not including the real estate costs of the centers. All of this capital is his personal investment in the business as equity. 

In addition to Zorba Wellness, Mr. Manun started investing in a Natural Stone business where his partner owns a few mines in Italy and would make Italian marble more accessible and reasonable to the Indian customer. About 1,500 tonnes of Italian marble would come to India over the next three months. The marble business is funded by both the partners equally. Our mentor and guide in the industry, Mr. Suniel Shetty, and his interest in real estate have opened many doors for us across India and the UAE. The marble will sell under the brand Brillare Marble.

He has also invested in a real estate advisory business called Wayne and Stark, which supports in advertising and marketing of exclusive real estate and works with NRIs to market their non-performing (sitting idle) real estate for rent sales. So, far they have about 300 crores of assets under management in W&S.

Mr. Siddharth Jhaveri Co-Founder of Zorba Wellness is a senior therapist and head of client relations. He has 10+ years of experience in the field of chemical dependency at various levels. He specializes in working with young addicts and prefers evidence-based & cognitive behavior therapy in his approach. 

Zorba Wellness is known for drug addicts rehabilitation center, alcohol rehabilitation center, alcohol withdrawal treatment, detox center, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, and an effective rehab in India. It is also designed and secured, especially for women’s safety.

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