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YODA to launch its first animal ambulance with Priya Dutt



Mumbai, December, 13 2022: The Youth Organization in Defense of Animals (YODA) has launched their very first Mobile Health Vehicle (MHV) at the YODA Khar Shelter with politician, social worker and avid animal lover, Priya Dutt.

Sponsored by Zoetis and United Way, Mumbai, this MHV will primarily cover areas from South Mumbai all the way to Andheri West and will be available on call from 8am to 8pm during its initial launch phase, post which it will be a 24/7 service.

The Mobile Health Vehicle, which at any given point in time will have one vet, one catcher and a driver on board, can be called for services such as emergency transport or stabilizing of dogs and cats, small on-the spot treatments, routine surgeries and deworming. The MHV will also conduct vaccination drives and set up sterilization camps for stray dogs and cats.

Commenting on the launch, Priya Dutt says, “I am so happy to be part of this event and this initiative by YODA.  The MHV is just what Mumbai needs for the  our street animals. A van equipped with medical facilities to treat the animal on site. Thank you YODA for being the angel in the lives of these beautiful creatures. This initiative will bring about a big change in the animal welfare space as this is not merely an ambulance to transport injured animals but the van will be able to give medical attention to the animal right there on site. This is Amazing and much needed. This is a start and more such vans are required. I wish YODA all the best and success in their noble work, there is nothing better than to make a difference in the lives of the animals who cannot express their pain but will always have love and gratitude in their eyes for you. Their unconditional love is what  fuels the wheels of YODA, may you and your worl go on forever.”

Priya Agarwal Hebbar, co-founder YODA says “We are so excited to launch our Mobile Health Vehicle at YODA with Priya Dutt.  We get approximately 800 cases per month just from South Mumbai to Andheri West.
A lot of animals who we bring into the shelter can be treated efficiently on site since most of the injuries aren’t major and can be treated well without stressing them by bringing them to the shelter. Our ambulance will be available anywhere within Mumbai by calling our YODA helpline number. This ambulance will also help us conduct large vaccination drives in Mumbai and its surrounding areas.”

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