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World’s Second Largest Office Productivity Suite Launched in India by Cygen Infotech



Cygen9thJanuary 2017; Mumbai: Celframe, world’s second largest office productivity suite and the best alternative available in the market for Microsoft Office products was launched in India by Mumbai based Cygen Infotech recently. Celframe is promoted by first generation entrepreneur Mr. Arun Pudur and the group has won over 400 awards internationally. Currently, Celframe has presence in over 68 countries with a customer base of more than 7 million and development centres in Malaysia, India, UK and Australia. Celframe offers a comprehensive suite of software products including Could Computing. Celframe has officially appointed Cygen Infotech LLP for distribution of its products across the country.

Celframe office application includes Celframe Write, which is an alternative to Word, Celframe Spreadsheet for Excel, Celframe Power Presentation for making presentations, Celframe Studio, Celframe Mail, Celframe Publisher, Celframe PDF Maker and Celframe XML Maker among many other offerings. Celframe was introduced in the Indian market as a cost-effective alternative to Microsoft Office, Adobe and Corel range. The company has successfully brought the cost of the licenses by 35%-45% as compared to other players and also provides additional features than the existing ones. Celframe Office is an office suite for Microsoft Windows and has a versatile product offering which provides combined features at no extra cost.

Celframe Office is loaded with a lot features which are all in-built. There is a feature to export documents to Adobe PDF format with Adobe distiller functions and enables conversion of presentations in 3D or Flash. It has a feature for Document translation, Address to map look-up, Wikifying words and a one click interface to change to more than 50 international languages. Other products of Celframe are Celframe Anti-Virus Secure Plus and Celframe CRM. The number of Cyber Crime cases in India are on a rise. One in 12 adults has suffered fraud and one in 22 is a victim of other cybercrime, which includes a computer being infected with a virus and the hacking of emails. Over 3 lakh Cybercrime cases were registered in the year 2015. Around 56% of cybercrime victims have experienced online bullying, online stalking, online hate crime or other forms of online harassment. 50% of online adults have fallen victim to attacks such as malware, viruses, hacking, scams, fraud and theft. $207 was recorded as the average cost per victim and the total cost of cybercrime was estimated at $4 Billion.

Celframe Anti-Virus Secure Plus defends you against viruses, internet attacks, fraud, snoopers, cybercriminals and more. It uses the community cloud engine for proactive defense and protects your computer from Social Media threats. Celframe automatically adds an extra layer of security when a user is shopping online or banking, and guards the privacy and personal information against phishing, tracking and spying.

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