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Winner Cotton Hybrid seeds of Nuziveedu Seeds- Creating a wave in Northern States



2017-10-06-PHOTO-00000020Chennai: A multi-stakeholder workshop was organized by Nuziveedu Seeds limited  (NSL) in Hanmangarh town of Rajasthan on the benefits of growing Cotton hybrids with excellent yield and pest resistance and also good fibre quality. The workshop was attended by farmers, Retailers, distributors, Ginners and various other stakeholders from the Cotton industry from the states of Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan.

Shri. Prem Malik ex-chairman Confederation of Indian Textile industry, Mumbai, who chaired the session has remarked that Winner has long staple length of 32.5 mm and has proven to become the first choice for millers in the Northern region. He said that the report of Central  Institute of Cotton technology report of Government of India on excellent fibre properties of Winner Cotton hybrid has confirmed that the Winner Cotton hybrid is best suited for textile market.

Shri Rishi Arora, Business Head informed that NSL’s breeding program has regularly launched excellent hybrids  and Winner with its superior fibre properties and yield can deliver best value to farmers. He also informed that NSL is conducting multi stakeholder workshops to educate farmers for getting higher price for better fibre quality. Shri Rishi also informed that Winner Cotton hybrid has higher tolerance for sucking pests which is a serious problem in certain areas.

Mr Rakesh Rathi , head of Ginners association explained the importance of good fibre properties in fetching higher price for farmers of Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan and informed that in future the dependence of buying good quality Cotton from ginners of Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra or Telangana will be reduced with excellent hybrids such as Winner developed by Nuziveedu Seeds. Shri Narendra kambhoj, Regional manager and local distributors Harkishan singh Sarda and Balkishan Golyan also participated in the workshop attended by more than 200 participants.


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