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Wig Health Products – Innovations in Nutritional Jellyies for Health




Wig Health Products is a pioneer in manufacturing of pure vegetarian Sweet Taste Jellies which are soft and easily chewable for all Age Groups with sugar as well as sugar-free depending upon choice of  your choice.

They contain ingredients like Pectin, Sucrose/Stevia, Glucose/Stevia Jel, Citric Acid, Natural Flavor and approved food Colours. They are fortified with Multivitamins / Herbal / Herbs / Chyawanprash / Curcumin (Turmeric) (Haldi) / Aawla highly enriched with Vitamin ‘C’.

Recent research on Stevia proves that it is very useful in the treatment of various Viral Diseases.

They are FSSAI Certified Small Scale Industry and currently working with many Pharmaceutical Companies. Our most of the products are Plants Based i.e. Nature Based.

They have just come up with a formula in 100% Natural Herbal for increasing immunity in the body to fight against viruses. And are Third Party Manufacturers for big Pharma Companies and can make any Products in Jellies as per Customers requirements.

Their Motto is – Eat Medicine with Taste & Enjoy (Dava Khalo Khel Khel Me)

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