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What is IELTS and how can it completely transform your life? if you are ambitious and looking to migrate abroad



In candid conversation with Armaan Verma


Our team at MTI News deputed a special correspondent to interview Armaan Verma, a well-known personality for training students for International English Language Testing System (IELTS).


Mr. Verma is a Certified Trainer from British Council and has several years of rich experience in teaching. He is a founder member and a whole-time director for IELTS Tutor based in Mumbai. With his team, he had successfully helped thousands of students to achieve their aim of scoring the Best in IELTS. His efforts have helped candidates in applying for Permanent Residence (PR) for Canada and looking for higher studies in countries such as UK / USA / Australia /Canada.


Let’s deep dive and try to get maximum information on the subject matter and also learn something from the experiences of Armaan Verma


Q1) What is IELTS?

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is actually a test that certifies a candidate’s ability to listen, read, write and speak in English. Results are graded on a scale of Band 1-9. This test is essential for Students / Candidates who wish to work, study or migrate to any country such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, and USA, where English is the native language.


Q2) What triggered you to come up with IELTS TUTOR? How did this idea generate? When was it established?

I used to visit different schools and colleges in Mumbai to train students English Communication skills. It was during that period; few students approached me to enquire about IELTS and expressed interest in studying abroad. Most of the time, I suggested them to try for IELTS exam and go abroad for further qualification. However, at that time, I was not into training for IELTS. So I saw an opportunity to help such students and at the same time use my talents more effectively and in the year 2008, IELTS Tutor was born.


Q3) Please tell us about the services you provide currently? What is the USPs of IELTS Tutor? What sets you apart from others?

We train for IELTS General Training and Academic, and we teach English at the Advanced level. We also conduct Personality Development Seminar. We work on the basics or fundamental needs of students. We provide easy-to-understand course materials and attend them personally. We often organize mock tests and evaluate our students’ results. From time to time we conduct motivational sessions for the students. We even ask them to meditate before going for mock tests.


Q4) How and where do you operate? What’s your business model?

We operate from various parts of Mumbai such as Kurla, Chembur, Ghatkopar, Andheri, and Santacruz.

We first discuss and counsel the candidate and offer one-on-one and group training. We provide the training sessions according to the candidate’s convenience. We have focused and power-packed short-term training modules which are preferred by most of the candidates.


Q5) Do you provide ONLINE Coaching?

Yes! Due to the ongoing pandemic and the convenience of our students, we are coaching hundreds of students each day from different parts of the Country, Online.


Q6) How can IELTS Tutor help a student to study abroad? How do you begin with a candidate for their training?

IELTS Tutor is one of the top leading institutions for IELTS preparation. Our professional team of experienced IELTS teachers in Mumbai build a strong base of English and our team of dedicated trainers develops the course content in-house based on the most current standards & student requirements. We constantly focus and upgrade our education techniques and incorporate changes from time –to – time that is practical and benefit the student.


Our work is not only to teach them but also to guide and motivate them to reach the pinnacle of their expectations. At first, we provide them easy-to-understand notes, where several Questions and Model answers are mentioned. Then, we ask them to read and brainstorm the ideas. In the next phase, we give them the same questions for which answers are already inculcated. During this step, we evaluate and try to find out the scope of work. Candidates are given more practice wherever they are found to be weak.


Q7) What if a person who comes from a vernacular medium but wishes to study abroad and takes the IELTS exam?

Yes, we get a lot of students from vernacular medium, especially those who are not good at English and wish to crack IELTS. Therefore, we have developed a team of best and expert trainers for IELTS training. We train them batch-wise or according to their convenient time. Some students also request personal coaching. We work with them at a foundation level and give them plenty of materials just to listen. Then, we provide them with reading materials related to the IELTS exam. In the next step, we correct their observation of Tenses, Modal auxiliaries, Comparative sentences, Conditional sentences, and Passive voice, and finally, we provide them mock tests, and at the end of the training, they score better in the IELTS exam.


Q8) Please tell us about the programs you have crafted for Students and Business Owners?

We have scientifically designed a one-month course for the students who have already taken IELTS already before. A two-month course for the freshers and a course for two and half months for those candidates who are weak in Grammar and vocabulary. For corporates or business owners we suggest English communication skills training for a minimum of a month or two.


Q9) If a candidate has already appeared for the IELTS exam but could not get the expected band score, how did you set up a training Module for those students?

As a matter of fact, we received a plethora of inquiries from the candidates who want to take the IELTS exam second or third time. These students were highly qualified and had excellent oral communication skills. Therefore, having less preparation, they took the IELTS exam but they couldn’t score 7+ bands in the reading and writing section. To apply for PR in Canada a person needs a minimum of 8 bands in Listening, & 7 bands in Reading, Writing, and Speaking.


In fact, these students needed to know the proper guidance for writing structures for IELTS writing task. For writing task 1 a candidate has to write a report in 150 words for academic IELTS, and a formal, semi-formal, or personal letter for general training of IELTS. They have to write an essay for Writing Task 2. While writing they should make sure to follow certain writing criteria, Such as Task response, Grammar & accuracy, Cohesion and coherence, and lexical resources.


Furthermore, they should use compound and complex sentences rather than using simple sentences. They must use a wide range of vocabulary and should not write a word twice, instead of writing the same word they can use synonyms.


When such students approach us for the IELTS exam training, we organize maximum mock tests for those who are going to take IELTS exam second time, we show them the way, we evaluate their essays, we point out their mistakes while writing and eventually when they are ready, we ask them to book their seat to take the exam. Our reward is the success of our candidates.


The results are amazing. 100% of candidates achieved their expected band score, and their true feedbacks are available with their TRF (Test Report Form) and can be found on our websites.


Q10) Any feedback you remember given by your students/clients?

Plenty of them! We have taught many students from different parts of this country and a few of our clients are from other countries. True feedback can be tracked on our websites and Youtube channel.


We recently trained a girl from Canada. (Video Link:


We trained a candidate from the USA (Video Link:


We trained a student from Australia (Video Link:


And, many more which are not recorded…


Q11) On what parameters do you measure results? 

Our target is to achieve 8 bands for students, however even if our students achieve 7+ bands, they can take admission or apply PR for Canada, USA, or Australia.


Q12) What are your GOALS, 5 years down the line? Where do you see yourself after 5 years?

Our goals are clear, we have to provide results which are expected by our candidates and provide them proper assistance to study abroad or applying PR in Canada, Australia, USA, UK, etc. and we would like to see IELTS tutor as a leader among all the coaching classes for IELTS in down the line in five years’ time.


Q13) Mr. Armaan Verma, How can one connect with you? 

For free DEMO sessions and enquires, you may connect with me on (+91) 99205 48905

or write an email to [email protected]


Watch Armaan Verma at British Council