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What happens when you delay your Dental treatment? Dr. Cherry Chamria Sureka



It’s very common to get patients who have tooth pain since a month or 15 days and have been avoiding going to a Dentist. This is because of their anxiety or because they are just lazy and Dental health is not on their priority list.

The problem arises not in the short but definitely in the long run. There are some teeth which can be treated with just a minor filling process which will not cost more ($). However delaying it by a few weeks can result in a Root Canal with permanent capping ($$$)

Same way if pain starts today, don’t delay it making your busy schedule an excuse. We have seen patients with exaggerated tooth infections which have resulted in tooth extraction at a very young age. The same also results in total imbalance of the oral cavity.

If a person has pain, he will think of taking a pain killer and getting alright and move on with the day, same way if the tooth has been advised a root canal ($$$) a person will opt for extraction ($) and not think about the future consequence, all off this is calculated on the basis of Money. As a Dentist it gets difficult to make them understand that teeth are just like any other part of the body, even if you have 28-32 doesn’t mean you can lose few here and there and still eat like you always do..

Another common problem arises when you deal with the parents of Young kids who need Dental intervention. The most common myth is that Child teeth are not permanent and why to spend on something which is not going to stay for long. In these cases more than the child we have to deal with 2 parents and the consequences of such delay is not good.

In lay man terms, delaying Dental treatment will only hamper your overall health arising to not only much more costing in the future but also affect you’re eating capabilities. The best approach to all this is regular follow ups and maintenance of teeth. Dental treatment is almost like an investment you make to keep your lifestyle maintained even later on in life.

Delaying dental treatment will eventually compromise your Bony structures, your facial looks, your eating capacity and also tooth fall which will become embarrassing.

Dr. Cherry Chamria Sureka

Chief Dentist- Dr Cherrys Dental Studio & Founder