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Health launches Public Service Campaign on Vitamin D with TV star Anup Soni



About 90% Indians are deficient in Vitamin D which can be easily got by basking in the Sun for a few minutes in the early mornings and late evenings.

Mr. Anup Soni's Photograph - 2February 20, 2017: Mumbai:, the popular website promoting awareness of Vitamin D is to launch a campaign with TV star Anup Soni. This social awareness initiative will have a series of public service ads with Anup Soni informing viewers about the importance of Vitamin D, the prevailing deficiency among people and the health issues resulting from it.

Anup Soni, the popular TV star from serials like ‘Balika Badhu’ and ‘CID’, who is currently anchoring the reality crime TV serials ‘Crime Patrol’ said, “When I was approached to create awareness about Vitamin D in India, the extent of deficiency of Vitamin D among people came as a revelation to me.  There is a criminal lack of awareness about the effects of Vitamin D deficiency and the resulting health issues. I hope that my contribution through the public service campaign will help in preventing the problems caused by Vitamin D deficiency. The problems arising from this deficiency like fractures and a host of other health issues viz. diabetes and heart conditions, if prevented, will help in reducing a major financial burden.

An initial series of three public service advertisements will be released online on the You Tube channel of and across social media to create maximum reach and spread awareness.

The first film has Anup Soni highlighting the fact that every day, crores of people are committing a crime on their body by not being aware that they can be suffering from deficiency of Vitamin D. Another film has him exclaim that while only 40% of Indians have a bank account and 70% have a mobile connection, over 90% have Vitamin D deficiency. The third film has Anup Soni informing people to be aware of the possibility that 4 out of 5 members of their families can be deficient in Vitamin D, especially in growing children and senior citizens.

There is a lot of scientific and medical research available to show the deleterious effects of deficiency of Vitamin D on us. Based on these, the public service advertisements will also convey that Vitamin D deficiency can affect not only the bones, but may increase the risk of developing heart disease and diabetes. The aim of the public service advertisements is purely to create awareness of the importance of Vitamin D in the general population and make the viewers conscious of the harmful effects of its deficiency.

The public service ads are scheduled to be released online in mid-March.

Vitamin D Guru is a public service initiative started in 2014. Over the past two years, with its digital arm, the initiative has continuously provided educational and awareness related information with respect to the importance of vitamin D and the harmful effects which may be caused due to its deficiency. Vitamin D (commonly known as the “the sun vitamin”) is important for good overall health and strong and healthy bones amongst a host of other health benefits. A significant population globally is Vitamin D deficient or insufficient hence its awareness is of paramount importance.