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Moonwalker Cover Final full scan - mti newsVirendra Shahaney, one of the most celebrated screenwriter, creative director and entrepreneur has bagged success in his career for all his work. With lending beautiful concepts to top rated shows like Bidaai, Uttaran, CID, Adaalat and Kumkum, Virendra Shahaney is now all set to inspire us with his Debut Novel – “Moowalker”. This is one story of perseverance, hard work, and determination to achieve your goal and succeed.

Two of the world’s major events took place on 20th July 1969, The first one was Neil’s Armstrong, an American astronaut who set his country’s flag on the moon. The second event took place inside a 9 year old’s head, Raghu who was from Bihar, India. He asked his father once “If americans can go to the moon, why can’t we?” this one interrogation always triggered his mind. This curiosity and 45 years long roller coaster journey turned little Raghu’s life. The story revolves around Dr. Raghav Manohar, a man, a legend who puts all his efforts for his only dream – To put India’s Flag on Moon.

But will he succeed in his mission to put the Indian Flag on moon or will the forces of fate land him somewhere else? Enjoy this gripping tale of passion, love and friendship. Moonwalker is sure to strike a chord with you.

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