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Vardhman Fantasy presents Apoorva Nayak Face of the Year 2015




Like every year Vardhman Fantasy presented Face of the Year 2015 & Designer of the Year 2015Organized by Zen Asia Foundation & Designer of the Year- Chattursingh M Khalsa the pageant cum contest offered a slew of timeless treasures in elegant and contemporary styles decorated on the beautiful models walking the ramp and fighting for the title Face of the Year 2015 won by Apoorva Nayak & Designer of the Year 2015 won by polly 

Vardhman Fantasy presents Face of the Year 2015 & Designer of the Year 2015 witnessed a star studded line up of guests

Vardhman Fantasy presents Face of the Year 2015 & Designer of the Year 2015 not only connected fashion, beauty and womanhood, but also played a leading role in creating social impact while promoting woman empowerment.

An Evening where fashion took the spot-light & style took the centre- stage  as  the models from the fashion glittery showcased a  breath-taking range of creative & technical skills as they take wings & fly out into the world of fashion to make their mark & earn their stripes who will be chosen as the Designer of year 2015.

A perfect blend of fashion and culture depicted through nicely constructed silhouettes and use of fabrics making world fashion come to our door steps in fashion hub of Mumbai which were worn by the models who walked ramp in creative colors and designs who were chosen as the ultimate Face of the year 2015.

While they flaunt the tiara of fame and popularity Aneel Murarka, Shweta Khanduri, Gurpreet Kaur Chadha, Avesh Dadlani, Sejal Mandavia, Suraj Chhabria, Geeta Thorat, C Singh, Rajesh Vardhman judged the glamorous evening offering high dose of fashion, glamour, glitz and magic.

Chattursingh M Khalsa- Designer of the Year says “The entire objective of this show is to give the budding fashion designers and models a platform to showcase their talents and get a taste of their chosen industry. Thereby augment their growth and make them winners in life.  The active support of the judges and designers will give tremendous confidence and encouragement to these budding young designers and models”

 Industrialist & Philanthropist Aneel Murarka who was one of the judges in the panel says “Calling these designers and models talented would be an understatement. These bunch of designers and models presented their creative prowess to showcase their ethereal and vibrant collection and charm on the ramp. To see designers and models come up with innovative ideas in order to get fashion revolution is a delight. I would rather say that I didn’t judge them I had the opportunity to see such innovative and unique designs by these designers which were worn by these very talented models”

 Gurpreet Kaur Chadha- President of Punjabi Global Foundation & Advisory Panel Members (Censor Board) who was one of the judges in the panel says “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only, fashion has to do with innovative and unique ideas. And the evening offered ample amount of unseen and unique attires on the ramp. These young lot of kids are the future of fashion and I must say that the future is absolutely bright”

Actress and Model Shweta Khanduri who was one of the judges in the panel says “It was a high on fashion evening where I sat with the bunch of talented judges and got the opportunity to witness the best of fashion and exchanged ideasAnd I must say that they are a talented bunch of designers and models with a very bright future”

Leading light of the fashion landscape, Avesh Dadlani who was one of the judges in the panel says “Being a designer I know the amount of focus and brainstorming required to introduce unique designs keeping the current fashion scenario in mind. Judging Vardhman Fantasy presents Face of the Year 2015 & Designer of the Year 2015 was a delightHowever choosing one amongst the talent was a tough job but we do have our winners

Renowned Producer / DJ of India Dj Sheizwood who was one of the judges in the panel says “It actually rained fashion today at Vardhman Fantasy presents Face of the Year 2015 & Designer of the Year 2015. The show was spectacular and judging the show was an amazing experience”

Actress and Model Sejal Mandavia who was one of the judges in the panel says “I have walked the ramp for many fashion shows and worn outfits by various designers so I understand the nervousness but the kids today didn’t seem nervous rather they were so confident and the designers who displayed their designs worn by the models were outstanding. Judging the show was a delight”

 Vardhman Fantasy is a unique theme-amusement park that boasts of giving its visitors an experience of a life time. In just one day you can travel round the world and experience different countries, cultures.

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