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Use Your Own Campaign by HotMugg



HotMuggs launches campaign educating customers on personal hygiene factor in current times

Masks, Gloves, Sanitizers, and Washing hands have become the norm to protect oneself from contracting COVID, but what about the beverage or drink you have?  Do you, anymore, want to use mugs and cups used by other people? Sometimes, even complete strangers?  Can you be sure the mugs and bottles you use are properly disinfected?  Do you trust anyone more than yourself to clean properly? The solution is `Use Your Own’ to Guard your body & fuel your mind.

HotMuggs, the flagship brand of Hot Stuffs Pvt Ltd, has launched the `Use Your Own’ program that promotes safety through incremental hygiene, advocating Separate mug for each individual.  Mr.Rajat Jain, CEO – Hot Stuffs Pvt Ltd, said, “We firmly believe that mindfulness is the need of the hour, and hence we are promoting the concept of `Use Your Own’ with a dual objective – the hygiene point of view, where option of personalization ensures no mix-up; and second, from a point of view of mental strength by surrounding yourself with as many positive thoughts as possible. While disposables might also be an option but they are not sustainable.”

Promoting Use your Own, one has mugs, bottles, and tumblers with multiple designs and themes to choose from, with add-on cards on safety tips & Precautions, reinforcing a positive atmosphere through powerful, life mantras.  Further, Rajat Jain added, “Our latest range of mugs, bottles, and tumblers are positioned as a style and sensibility statement, with an assurance of quality.  The trendiness is to not only appeal to the hygiene and health consciousness of customers but also promote positivity in work atmospheres.”

Hot Stuff had launched the range in the institutional segment providing the concept of Personalized and non-personalized mugs, bottles, and tumblers for their employees, customers and so on. These could be used as a souvenir to thank COVID Warriors too!  In the first phase, the merchandise is available just a click away online at the company’s site  The accent of promotions is Secure is the Cure — Use You Own.  A campaign stressing the importance of hygiene and health consciousness will promote the concept of Use Your Own.

For the retail segment, the company has planned a second phase and is exploring to enhance the reach by reaching out to the traditional retail distribution chain and other special format stores like fitness, sports, personal accessories, and so on. In these channels, the company has also planned a platform approach in terms of promotions and activations.

Hot Muggs, available through leading online portals, lifestyle stores across the country, Shop-in-shop concepts, co-branding, and co-marketing, is a stylized drinkware concept, available in innovative out of the box designs that are trendsetting with the emerging trends and lifestyle. and targeted this at the discerning Indian Middle Class, Housewives, Yuppie families, and the Youth.

Hot Stuff offers the widest selection of drinkware products like Mugs, Travel Mugs, flasks, bottles, and related accessories available under the flagship Hot Muggs brand. The company has a team of designers who hail from NID and are working on lifestyle accessories that focus on the concepts of attitude and personality.   The company has also been involved as the officially licensed merchandiser for many global brands, like Disney, Movies, Yash Raj Films, and IPL teams.


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