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‘Unusuals’- the eco-friendly, comfortable and stylish range of cotton masks launched by Ecosac



Wearing masks is not only a necessity, but a lifestyle! Ecosac Utility bags introduces eco-friendly cotton face masks called ‘Unusuals’, which are not only washable and reusable, but also stylish and comfortable This range of masks are 100% cotton, 2 layered and made up of soft comfortable & breathable fabric. Ecosac is India’s leading brand of eco-friendly shopping bags and other utility bags that are foldable, reusable, strong, durable and fashionable and are used for shopping, travel & day to day utilities. The company has recently released eco-friendly garbage bags called Kachra Sack, which are oxo-biodegradable and compostable.

Choose from a variety of colors and designs from butterfly prints to polka dots and pastel colors for women and checkered styles to cool prints and shades of black, white and blue for men. The designs have been created in a single size suitable for men and women. These masks are visually appealing and comfortable for people to wear, and it is more environment-friendly as they are washable and reusable. Save the environment from the pollution of single time use 3 ply masks available in the market, while you define your style with matching designs for your clothing. Additionally, ‘Unusuals’ are moulded with a double layer protection, made with 100% cotton cloth, making them breathable and extremely comfortable.

“During this pandemic situation, we foresaw a huge demand for these face masks, which are now going to be a part of our lifestyles. Our endeavor is to  deliver these masks safely to homes and societies in Mumbai and retail outlets across India and keep serving our customers with products that are sustainable, comfortable and stylish at the same time”, says Anil Chowta, Founder and CEO, Ecosac Utility Bags.

Unusual reusable cloth Face Masks are available at major retail outlets in 20 cities across India and growing. They are priced ranging from Rs. 199/- for a pack of 3 to Rs. 299/- for a pack of 5 masks and are available online at

While we all contribute responsibly in curbing the spread of the deadly virus wearing masks regularly, lets flaunt our personal styles with Unusuals from Ecosac. So grab your pack today!

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