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Treasure Tale Collection by shazé



Mayan Art Collection by shazé (2)shazé, the brand which caters to its art-enthusiast customers and individuals with fine taste has introduced the latest ‘Treasure Tale’ collection from Go Bold for its patrons. From unexpected motifs to unconventional colors, the wardrobe-perfect products in this collection are flawless combination of global trends and traditional opulence.

The Surrealist Collection

Taking a cue from the Avant-Garde movement of Surrealism, shazé offers a range of products that depict the power of imagination. The unique motifs in these pieces add a different dimension that goes beyond the real world to create art and provide surrealistic experience in fashion jewelry. Complemented by beads that enhance style, the jewelry exudes a sparkling sense of majesty for the persona of the wearer.

The Mayan Art Collection

 Inspired by the trend of temple jewelry, brand shazé presents a collection that weaves magical tradition into the ensemble. The products are crafted with handpicked themes from the Great Mayan Civilization. The necklaces and earrings in this collection weaves a path for grand display of unique but ancient Meso-American culture. Perfect for those who have a refined palette and the willingness to experiment with looks, the products are for unique and classic display of elegance.

The Nature Trail Collection

This collection is a breathtaking assortment of jewelry that draws inspiration from the beauty of nature. From the cheerful flutter of butterflies to the royal elegance of elephants, the jewelry lets a proud display of love for the wild. Made with glistening ceramic beads and golden components, the timeless accessories are a combination of the heirloom classics and modernist designs.