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Top 5 Indian Startups to Watch Out in 2021!



As we enter a new year, Indian home-grown startups are ready to begin the year 2021 and achieve new peaks with enhancement in the technology, leadership and their business models. India’s startup ecosystem has witnessed various ups and down throughout the year; while some survived, some disappeared and some of them surprised the industry with their performance and growth. Here are 5 startups that have performed exceedingly well in 2020, despite the pandemic and hold a promising future in 2021!

  1. Finin
    India’s first neobanking startup, Finin, began its journey in 2019.Unlike traditional banking institutions, the consumer-focused, AI-powered neobank offers end-to-end hyper-personalised banking solutions to its users. The startup uses AI to analyse the spending of customers thereby generating reports that give insights on their spending and saving behaviour. Facilitating as a ‘Fitbit of the financial world’, the platform offers a holistic view of users’ money, coupled with recommendations that will nudge users to save more, make wiser spends, smarter investments, and get a better understanding of one’s financial habits and further improve it. Ensuring security and privacy, the startup uses bank-level security, anti-fraud, and encryption systems to protect its customers’ sensitive information and prevent unauthorised usage. So if you’re looking for some financial discipline in 2021, simply add this app to your Smartphones and live worry free!
  1. hBits
    Incepted in early 2019, hBits is an online platform that facilitates fractional ownership of Grade A pre-leased commercial property. It allows investors to choose from numerous properties to invest in while also offering personalized services, both online and offline. Fractional ownership allows customers to own a fraction of a Grade A real estate asset and benefits from a share of the income the asset generates, and any appreciation in the value of the asset. With hBits, customers can own hard assets at low ticket size generating monthly income and capital appreciation. Unlike existing income-generating products in the market, the brand enables customers to own hard assets rather than paper assets. At a time when the real estate sector is in a slump, hBits offers clients an opportunity to enjoy safe investments in the sector, along with providing high-yields. So, shop away, folks!
    SPOCTO is a big data analytics company that uses machine learning to help solve problems for the banking and financial services industry. It helps the BFSI domain with customer details and insights enabling them to contact their customers and increase the recoveries on delinquent accounts. Being able to provide the BFSI domain with a unique proposition of collecting from their customers with the aid of technology, rather than a traditional way of contact center or field collections, saving them huge costs, as the cost of collections digitally is drastically reduced by almost 30%. Moreover, key insights on their customers behaviour helping them contact the customers with high probability of paying through a score attached to each of their customers, increases their operating efficiencies with their current systems. These solutions aren’t offered by any other technology company to the BFSI domain currently and hence, makes SPOCTO the only provider of a solution of this kind that can help the BFSI sector revive the NPA problems, thereby enabling a speedy growth for the economy!
  1. MoneyTap
    MoneyTap is India’s 1st app-based credit line that provides instant, affordable, and flexible credit of up to INR 5 Lakh. Democratizing credit by catering to diverse customer segments in multiple cities, MoneyTap is leading the way in creating a new category and revolutionizing credit lending in the Asian FinTech space. The company follows strict rules and protocols across all its processes, including collection of KYC details before giving access to credit. With a recent addition of their own NBFC license, and with working in association with only established RBI-Regulated partner banks and NBFCs they continue to stay committed to creating and offering the best-in-class lending products for customers and stakeholders. Here’s your friend-in-need for financial solutions in 2021!
  1. Vivifi
    Vivifi is a RBI-certified non-banking finance company (NBFC) enabling easier and more direct access to credit for the underserved communities in India. It offers sachet sized loans to customers who have the ability and intent to repay. Based on the loan repayments of these customers, the company then increases their credit limit to help them improve their credit score and eventually get access to larger loans. Founded in 2017 by Anil Pinapala (Founder & CEO) and Srinath Kompella (Co-Founder & COO), the Hyderabad-based company aims to achieve financial inclusion by making credit available for all deserving Indians without any bias, transcending the limits of location, literacy, monthly income and credit history. Their products such as FlexSalary and FlexPay aim to offer Innovative Financial solutions to customers across the Credit Spectrum, leveraging Technology and Data Science, with focus on underserved / unserved customers. Vivify is truly the face of financial inclusion at its best!