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There is always more pressure when you have big budget film as it has big star: Sriram Raghavan



badlapurRecently released Sriram Raghavn’s directorial venture ‘Badlapur’ hit right on Bill’s eye at box office, as the film was very well appreciated and praised by audience all over.

The film had Bollywood’s young heartthrob Varun Dhawan in lead. Sriram showcased Varun in an unusual avatar and role in which we had never seen the actor before in his earlier releases.

Sriram in an interview was asked  does a big budget film puts more pressure on a filmmaker compared to a normal budget or small budget film, the filmmaker stated that there’s always more pressure when you have big budget film as it has  big star .

As the filmmaker said, “Yes, it does affect because the more the budget, the bigger the star, the more pressure you have. The question is how to return the money.”

Sriram further added, “Having said that, I also believe stars certainly help the film in many ways. Their reach is more, so you get a bigger opening because of them,”

The ‘Badlapur’ directior further had all praises for Varun, as he said, “When I signed Varun for ‘Badlapur’, he was just one film old. Now he has become a big star. This certainly helped our film that Varun is a star now,”

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