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Thee real story behind Lakme Fashion Week



MTI News Tracks the real story behind Lakme Fashion Week. In a candid interview with various stakeholders here are some insights behind the scenes

1. Could you share the thought process for creating or curating the designs i.e. what parameters etc?

Getting inspired by the upcoming trends and adding a touch of what I like personally helped me put together designs for my collection at the Real Cut.” – Riddhi Shah, BR Designs

My designs reflect a perfect assemblance of vivacious, bold and independent women who like to live their life on their own terms and wearing diamond jewellery is an extension of themselves.”– Deepa Agarwal, Sona Chandi

Women of India and their choices inspired my diamond jewellery collection. My jewellery collection can be worn seamlessly with Indian or western outfits.” – Kinnari Shah, Reliance Jewels

I love enamel as it lends the perfect amount of soft colour and goes on to accent the designs flaunting natural diamonds. This creates a unique style statement and I see a lot of people opting for enamel with diamonds for every day wear as well as occasional wear.”

-Ashraf Motiwala, A.S Motiwala.

My jewellery designs has been greatly inspired by millennials who are looking for an amalgamation of latest trends and traditional Indian designs. ” – Subhajit Bag, Senco Gold and Diamonds

My diamond jewellery designs have been created keeping in mind traditional Indian family values and how people are adapting to recent trends.” – Sourav Hanra, VBJ

2. What are the fashion trends worldwide that were relevant to India in this season

The few fashion trends incorporated in this season was the timeless elegance with a touch of contemporary appeal. Jewellery is no less than art. It is a medium that weaves stories and eternal connections. Inspired by life’s significant milestones, this trend perfectly articulates the concept of forever. – Riddhi Shah, BR Designs

The denim collection is a pervasive trend, donned by people across all generations and millennials are most influenced by this trend. To compliment the everyday effortlessness created by denims, minimalistic jewellery embedded with natural diamonds is a trend that I see in 2020. The jewellery goes flawlessly with various denim looks and can be sported by women and men alike. Pocket friendly, cool to carry, it is truly a millennial’s jewellery.” – Subhajit Bag, Senco Gold and Diamonds.

The ‘Revival of Art Deco’ collection was inspired by vintage pieces of diamond jewellery which women adorn with traditional outfits and contemporary silhouettes. The Cocktail collection was designed for a formal ballroom party vibe creating an opulent look and feel. The Real Cut has taken me a step forward by showcasing my dream designs to key stakeholders of the industry and consumers.” – Sourav Hanra, VBJ.

“The Handcrafted Luxuries or (prêt wear)
has been topping the charts this season. In fact women have become more conscious towards what they are buying. They are choosing jewellery that is light weight and also looks subtle. Their choice of prêt wear is differen and unique.” – Deepa Agarwal, Sona Chandi.

Floral jewellery in different settings was trending this year. Embedded with baguettes and diamonds, they have been an essential part of our traditional jewellery. Going well with pret-wear, these designs bring a sense of freshness to any attire.” – Kinnari Shah, Reliance Jewels.

French Enamel with Natural White Diamonds is a texture which is versatile and yet soft making it perfect to go with natural diamonds. It adds the right amount of colour to jewellery without overpowering the design. In my opinion, I see many people opting for this in their jewellery, both for day-to-day as well as occasional wear as it tends to create a unique style statement for consumers.” – Ashraf Motiwala, A.S Motiwala

3. Some thought on the evolution of Fashion with respect to Diamonds – over the years.

Natural diamonds have been treasured for centuries by men and women alike, and will always be considered timeless, classic heirlooms. Lately there has been a shift from traditional and wedding jewellery to more pret wear. Pairing light weight jewellery with everyday wear has become popular over the years” – Riddhi Shah, BR Designs

Diamonds are a favourite piece of jewellery which can be worn in many ways and will last for decades without losing their intrinsic value.” – Deepa Agarwal, Sona Chandi

There is a shift in people wearing diamonds on special occasions to wearing them regularly. Natural diamonds are convenient to carry and add depth to any look. They are rare and precious jewellery that everyone aspires to wear.” – Ashraf Motiwala, A.S Motiwala

Minimalism is the new trend in diamond jewellery. Less is stylish with lots of chains, stackables and delicate motifs. One can always trust an elegant diamond necklace to add prominence to collar bones.” – Kinnari Shah, Reliance Jewels

Natural diamond jewellery which can be paired with western and Indian outfits. It also weaves in well with ‘Slow-Fashion’ as diamond jewellery never goes out of style and can be passed on generations.”Subhajit Bag, Senco Gold and Diamonds

Natural diamonds are a billion years old and can be set in different ways to give it a modern, antique or heirloom look. This is a fashion trend which is loved by everyone and will never go out of style.”Sourav Hanra, VBJ.

4. What is Slow Fashion and how do Natural diamonds blend in with it.

Slow fashion calls for a slow movement towards natural and sustainable for consumers. Natural diamonds are the perfect embodiment of this movement as they are eternal and make for perfect heirlooms. It makes for a special piece of jewellery which can be passed on generations adding a personal touch according to the persona of the one flaunting the billion-year-old miracle of nature.” – Riddhi Shah, BR Designs

Diamond jewellery has grown to be every woman’s best friend, comprising of natural elements from deep within the earth’s crust. They are versatile in nature and make for the perfect choice of accessory for every woman. They can be paired with varied types of outfits for every occasion, be it your wedding day or just a casual day at work. Diamonds are a part of everyday style as they add a special touch to your personality. Hence, making them an epitome of slow fashion adopted by millennials, today.” – Deepa Agarwal, Sona Chandi

Slow fashion emphasizes on quality over quantity. Diamonds are chosen as an elegant piece and symbolize characteristics of long-lasting pieces of jewellery. Each diamond is more than a billion-year-old and carries a unique piece of the earth’s story with them.” – Kinnari Shah, Reliance Jewels.

Fashion is not momentary, it ages like wine. The older a classic the better it is, what better than a natural diamond to authenticate that! They are formed over billions of years, retain their value and allure and hence are living proof of the slow fashion movement.” – Subhajit Bag, Senco Gold and Diamonds

Diamonds are an integral part of slow fashion. When we invest in timeless jewellery like diamonds, it can be passed on generations and becomes part of family’s legacy. Just like slow fashion aims at having a long-lasting positive impact, so do natural diamonds.” – Sourav Hanra, VBJ

Natural diamonds are the physical embodiment of the idea of slow fashion. They are billion year old miracles of nature that have remained iconic symbols of love and legacy. Carrying with them eons’ old history of the earth, they epitomise slow fashion.” – Ashraf Motiwala, A.S Motiwala