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The Screen Patti’s latest sketch details out the trials and tribulations of office bromance




Mumbai, 4th April: He’s your sutta buddy, your partner in crime while dissing the boss, your post ‘post work drinking session’ 2 AM thelewala burji pao friend. But what happens when he’s been assigned to another project and starts spending more time with his project partner than with you? Exploring this bond of a lifetime (or at least till the time you’re co-workers in the same work place) is The Viral Fever’s brand new sketch for The Screen Patti (TSP) titled ‘Laundon Ka Love Triangle’.

Fans of The Screen Patti sketches are in for a fun time as they will get to see Badri Chavan, who plays a character by the same name in the sketch, go on an epic rant to end all rants! This bromantic triangle is filled with action, emotion, deceit and heartfelt love all unfolding over a cup of cutting chai and a sutta that has been shared between three too many people! The sketch also features actors Abhinav Anand and Sachin Negi.

Speaking about the sketch Badri Chavan said, “For most working professionals today, their work buddies are the ones they spend the larger part of the day with. It is but natural to become close friends and even emotionally invested in each other’s lives – especially if you’re out-of-town bachelors living alone in the city! Laundon Ka Love Triangle is an almost accurate depiction of this relationship people form with their work-spouses. It’s a light hearted look at friendship and brotherhood at the work place.”

So on your next sutta break, grab your office bro and enjoy this little gen by The Screen Patti which could just be the story of your own bromantic triangle!

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About The Screen Patti:

Young India’s one-stop-shop for irreverent, Hindi humour, The Screen Patti by The Viral Fever is the comedy channel behind hits like Rabish ki Report, Bade-Chhote, Jizzy-Veerji, and the web-series Zeroes & Awkward Conversations with Parents. With almost 5mn fans across platforms, The Screen Patti is the voice of an Indian generation that wants to live fast and laugh loud. The Screen Patti is an edgy, experimental, primarily male focused channel – the backbencher’s favourite channel, which the front-bencher watches when his mom isn’t looking.

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