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The Real picture behind making of a Music Video – Khaab Jale



Group photo for news paper(L-R) Parth Shah, Nishad, Swati Bhatt, Komal Kolekar, Tarana Chauhan, Parth Rajyaguru, Mayur Sharma and Milind Srivastava
The Single will launch one of the most talented singers ‘Swati Bhat’
The Music video has a retro feel at the same time being different will be trending as soon as it releases.
Mumbai 3rd December 2019 : Music videos are now trending fast and becoming the ‘In thing’ more and more people are watching music videos as smartphones are becoming popular. With this in mind this video was conceptualised.
The most promising music Video ‘Khaab Jale’ is the outcome of a very catchy tune conceived by Nishadh and it was brought to life by the efforts of producer director Mayur Sharma, Lyricist  Parth Shah, singer Swati Bhat as well as the stylist Komal Kolekar, DOP and Editors  Milind Shrivastav and Parth Rajyaguru and many others behind the scene.
So our team led by ‘Lokesh Shastri’ and Manoj Gandhi met the upcoming Music Video producer and director, composer Mr. Mayur Sharma, nephew of Pyarelal of Laxmikant Pyarelal fame, who has been in the industry for a since he was 18 years old. It was sheer co-incidence that when he was looking for a singer he asked his old friend and composer Nishadh – son of yesteryear famous singer Sushma Shreshtha and Nishadh  suggested him Swati Bhat and since then she is associated with Mayur and later when Mayur wanted to produce a music video Swati suggested Nishadh and the three got together and Nishadh brought out his favorite composition which was an instant hit with the team who then did a lot of research into some powerful lyrics to match the tune and Lyricist Parth Shah was finalised to do justice to the catchy tune and he did just that. finally Swati Bhat rendered her magical voice and the ‘Khaabb Jale’ was recorded.
Then came the making of the Video, Stylist Komal Kolekar put life in it with her creative costumes design and Shampa Gopikrishna choreographed it to perfection. The shoot took place in different locations and with experts Milind Shrivastav and Parth Rajyaguru doing the DOP and Editing, the music video comes close to a masterpiece collection with multiple repeat values over time. Words cannot do justice to the music video and it has to be seen to get the feel of it. In fact watching the same music video again and again, brings a different emotion every time.
Khab Jale is backed up by the dynamic PR  team headed by Tarana Chauhan who has been groomed by Mr. Vipin Reshamia himself. The Single will be available in early 2020, so get ready to sway to this fresh music video and burn your worries away.

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