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The National HR Conclave enlightens on future challenges of professionals



Gujarat based Parul Universitys initiative to understand the gaps between education institution and corporates demands of talent.
Mumbai: The National HR Conclave organized by Parul University saw some of the bright and experienced minds come together to discuss the dilemmas posing the most critical resource of any industry that is personnel. Objective of this event was to empower human resource for strategic talent acquisition- from reactive to proactive approach. Vice chancellor of Parul University Dr. Ketan Kotecha, NAASCOM executive director Dr. Sandhya Chintala, Managing Director- Head HR INDIA Madhavi Lall, Global Managing Director Talent Acquisition- Accenture Unmesh Pawar among others participated in this event.
More than 20 years experienced HR professionals on dais-opened discussion with ‘Talent is myth or truth’. For Unmesh Pawar talent is what market demands in employee. While for HR Head of Crompton Greves Talent is adaptive employee in all kinds of situation.
While NAASCOM Executive Director Dr. Sandhya said, “70 % of fresher or entry level employees are unaware of basic skills. With technology and automation routine jobs will disappear. To sustain Human resource we need proactive and collective voice.” DIGITAL INDIA and SKILL INDIA platforms and the fact Nasscom is regularly undertaking Studies and surveys to identify the traits required to have a market ready GLOBAL manager to come out of Universities and so it is undertaking strong partnerships and opportunities where corporates and universities are coming under one roof and creating a strong curriculum with stress on practical knowledge to be able to generate the best talent for future challenges..
Forum also addressed many such prevalent issues like should HR invest in manpower or technology, whether ex-employees should be hired or not, retention of employees, degree or skill etc.
Skilled people who doesn’t have a degree but excel in their field have limitations to reach out to global market. On this, Educationist and Vice chancellor of Parul University based in Gujarat, Baroda, Dr. Ketan Kotecha said “Ours is the first university who offers a degree to skilled people to go ahead with their bright career. We have especially designed Skill Knowledge Provider (SKP) program for this.”
This HR conclave brought 180 corporate companies under the same roof. They discussed previous and futuristic scenario in Human Resource and concluded that to sustain HR growth, trained and skilled employee is a necessity.