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The Latest Season Of ‘Ask The Doctor’ On Care World TV Introduces A First Of Its Kind Service In India



The Daily Doctor (1)Care World TV, the largest healthcare satellite channel in Asia announces the launch of a new season of its popular show “Ask the Doctor”. The “Ask the Doctor” programme is a first-of-its-kind show on television. The programme includes over 2000 doctors from hundreds of leading hospitals and over 500 key opinion leaders from across the globe. The new season will be complimented with a YouTube channel – The Daily Doctor. The programme has been schemed to benefit those in need of certainty in the opinion provided and reassurance of a better health outcome.

Care World TV provides second opinion on health and medical aspects. Our aim is to benefit the viewers and make doctors accessible to ones who need them the most. On our show, doctors from various disciplines like dermatology, nephrology, neurology, orthopaedics, oncology, trichology, homeopathy, Ayurveda, Unani among others, will provide suggestions on related health issues.

“As earlier stated, in addition to our television channel it will be available on YouTube and will be interactive.  While the television channel is christened “Ask the Doctor”, the YouTube version is named “The Daily Doctor.” Needless to say, the number of subscriptions to the online channel has been steadily rising and doctors are expecting a great outcome from this platform,” says Mr. Ajit Gupta, Managing Director, Care World TV.

Care World TV USA that was launched recently in the United States and has gained good traction from both the audiences as well as from the medical fraternity there. As a result, many specialists practising in the US are on board this programme and their valuable consultations will be available to Indian audiences as well.

“Part of airing the show requires the doctor to feel one with the audience and to achieve this class of presentation we’ve gone that extra mile in making the show as real as possible. Where doctors haven’t been able to visit the studio, we’ve gone to their clinics or hospitals to cover them and yet have managed to maintain the feel and texture of the programme,” says Mr. Ashok Singh, Creative Head, Care World TV.

Prior to this programme, Care World TV has catered to more than 3000 patients who have received second opinions from Subject Matters Experts (SME)s on ‘On Air  OPD –  Ask The Doctor’.

“To facilitate more patients to have accessibility to the doctors, Care World TV has now launched a patient consultation form wherein patients can now fill in their basic details and their health problems; and send it to Besides this, doctors can be reached via SMS, over the phone and email. ‘Hume Aapki Fikra Hai’, I coined that phrase for our channel and want to live up to it; and I am sure when audiences watch the show, they will know why I say that,” concludes Mr. Gupta.