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1. Deepak Shah with Anup Jalota DSC_9485“RAAGA SYMPHONY”, an evening of soulful music dedicated to the legacy of Pure Hind, Classical Music; Conceived- Composed and Designed by Raaga Pianist- Deepak Shah.

A very rare concept where our rich musical culture heritage- Hind “Classical Music, meets the aspiring – Western “Classical” Instrument meets the grand piano; such a concept of “RAAGA SYMPHONY” is being introduced by Deepak Shah.

The evening witnessed the music connoisseur drowned in the soulful music. Deepak Shah struck the keys of piano straight to the heart of the audience. Music Fraternity showed up in number comprising of Anup Jalota and Sangamm Upadhayay

Hind, Classical Music has immense capacity of limitless possibilities and exploration, but collaborating the Hind Classical Raagas composed in harmony, presented in a symphonic manner, complete with LED Visual Backdrop, A Live String Segment of Group Violins and Chores, with a music conductor and comparer- Deepak Shah, takes a small step towards bringing a revolution to the perception of Hind Classic Music.

The show “RAAGA SYMPHONY” is an attempt to create new dimensions and present our tradition approach to Hind. Classical Music with Aesthatic- Contemporary Symphonic layering and exploring the rich grammer and fine nuances in these two beautiful heritage classical musical forms- Raagas & Symphony- while keeping the pure heart of classical music, beating in rhythmic motions.

Deepak Shah, the man behind “RAAGA SYMPHONY” elaborates about the show saying “The show’s unique format is the step in the direction of popularizing Hind, Classical Music making it understandable and enjoyable to the “Classes and Masses”, also in the process attracting the attention of today’s youth including them to our rich musical heritage through this spectacular musical extravaganza of “RAAGA SYMPHONY”


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