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Taiwan Excellence Introduces Advanced Automation Solutions At Automation Expo Connect To Assist India’s Industry Upgrading




Mumbai, 22nd September: For showcasing up-to-date automation equipment and solutions from Taiwan, Taiwan Excellence,  a campaign to bring the best Taiwan-made products to the world, have attended Automation Expo Connect – South East Asia’s first virtual expo for automation, and brought advanced solutions from 6 characterised Taiwanese automation companies, in order to let Indian buyers understand more about advantages of Taiwanese automation industry and how they help customers create competitiveness.


This is the first time that Taiwan Excellence attends the Automation Expo. In the exhibition, Taiwan Excellence has cooperated with 5 award winning companies include APLEX, GMT, HIWIN, Techman Robot and TOYO to set up 5 company booths in “Factory Automation Zone” which showcase the latest industrial computing systems, electronic cylinders, precision robot components, collaborative robots (cobots), smart palletizing solutions, linear actuators and AGVs (automatic guided vehicles). Advantech, multi-times Taiwan Excellence Award winner, also attends the exhibition and brings the mighty “i-Factory” total solution, which includes sensors, gateways, HMI interfaces, industrial servers and management software, in order to assist customers to set up modern and smart factories.


For sharing more innovative techniques and products features to visitors, Taiwan Excellence also convened “Link To Automation” webinar in the exhibition. The knowledge-sharing webinar remained the major attraction of the first day as participants and spectators got the opportunity to get acquainted with Taiwan’s latest and best-of-class technology in the field of automation.


In the webinar, Advantech shared the trend of Industry 4.0, pain points while importing industry 4.0, and how its “i-Factory” solution solve problems from procedure side, operation side and digital manufacturing; Techman Robot introduced how cobots realise smart, simple and safe automatic production line, and effective palletization in warehouses; HIWIN showed the application of IoT in precision components like ball screws, to check the wear condition and improve the performance of components; TOYO shared 2 cases to show how its actuators and AGVs simplify production procedure and help to improve production efficiency; GMT showed the applications of its electric cylinders and linear actuators for compact and 5-axis movement multi-lens alignment devices on mobile phone production lines; APLEX introduced different applications of industrial computers, and their customized automation solutions for food industries, smart factories, and warehouses.


India is the 11th largest importer of Taiwan machinery industry. The import value of Taiwan products from January to August this year reaches USD$327 million, which is 50% higher than the same period last year. Along with the recovering of India’s manufacturing industry and the increasing demands of industry upgrading, Taiwan automation solutions, which is well-known for high precision, hi-tech, competitive price and flexible services, will be the best choice for Indian manufacturers.


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