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Surprise your kids with a variety of delicacies with Gits: Snack box special



Pav BhajiIn the month of June, it’s time for kids to go back to school. While kids are geared up for their academic endeavours, moms are crushed under time to get the child ready. Every mom wants to pack a tasty treat for their kids, not having to compromise on the health factor. These days when kids are tempted by their friends and peers to indulge in unhealthy and junk food, they usually find homemade tiffin food boring. As a result, children often come home with half eaten food which eventually makes them miss out on valued nutrition. To rid moms of their daily anxiety, on what to pack into the snack box every day with very little time in hand, Gits lists down simple ways to add surprise to the break time of kids which is not only tasty, easy to cook as well but also completely natural!

  1. Short Break: To help your child get all the nutrition, it is important that he has a breakfast and nothing can match home cooked food. Moms are always pressed for time and preparing a healthy meal is not just time consuming but also a lot of hard work. Gits brings to you delicious variety of ready meals likes Pau Bhaji, Dal Makhani, Punjabi Chole, Veg Biryani etc. These ready meals do not require cooking. Just heat it in a microwave or drop the packet in hot boiling water and its all ready to be consumed. Serve a different variety each day so kids aren’t bored. These Ready Meals are all natural hence you need not worry about your kid consuming MSG or preservatives as these products are free from any of that harmful stuff.
  1. Long Lunch Break: Kids are generally bored of roti – sabzi every day. So cheer them up by keeping it light. Pack the goodness of some tasty and fun snacks like Gits Dosai, Medu Vadai, Rava Dosa, Rava Idli, Rice Idli, Upma and Uttappam. Gits Idli and Rava Idli stay soft for longer, they won’t turn hard when your child opens his / her tiffin during snack break. These instant mixes are easy to make and save your valuable time. Just follow the instructions on the back of your pack and get delectable dishes in just 3 Easy Steps.
  1. Variety Special: When your kid craves for restaurant food, Just Heat and Eat Gits Ready Meals, they are quicker than any restaurant delivery. Paneer is rich in milk protein and calcium and usually a hot favourite with kids. Gits provides ready meals with the goodness of paneer such as Gits Paneer Makhani, Palak Paneer, Paneer Tikka Masala and Matar Paneer.
  1. Sweet Treat: Give your kids snack box a sweet twist by adding a dessert. It’s a joyful treat as kids love desserts and they enjoy it like no other. Pack their favourite desserts like Gits Gulab Jamun, Jilebi, Kheer etc. along with their daily tiffin. With Gits instant mixes, you can make these yummy desserts in just 3 easy steps. It is well within your time limit to give your kid a special surprise.

There are three key elements to kids relishing their tiffin everyday – variety, taste and looks. To make your food appealing to the kids just get creative with it. Decorate it with colourful salad or just cut in into different bite size, shapes and kids will love it. Offer variety in the snack box each day by accompanying their favourite fruit or juice and they will love you even more for it.

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