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Surprise party hosted by Manik soni on the occasion of BIRTHDAY of ACTRESS PURNIMA BEHL, Manik Soni ensured a great evening for all her friends and the surprise was a beautiful gift Purnima could wish for



7. Purnima Behl with Friends DSC_6039 mti newsThe birthday bash of actress Purnima Behl was a grand affair. It was a flamboyantly splendid party with glitz, glamour, opulence and loads of love for the birthday girl reflecting from the entire preparations that was no less than perfect.& it was also an announcement of her music video “MERE KHUDA” composed by Jaan Nissar Lone and sung by Rani Jaan Nissar.

A significant chunk of the Television & Bollywood industry and some names from the film arena were seen at the birthday celebrations of actress Purnima Behl. The guest list included Dj Sheizwood, Shweta Khanduri, Prashant Virendra Sharma, Aamir Ali, Aziz Zee, Ejaz Khan, Abhay Athri, Rani Jaan Nissar, Jaan Nissar Lone, Gautam Sharma, Nasir Khan, E. Niwas etc4. Rani Jaan Nissar with Purnima Behl & Jaan Nissar Lone DSC_5620 mti news

The food was a sumptuous layout of the best that can be imagined. It was a magical feast or so it seemed with the most delicious fare laid down in the most luscious manner. The party was a gourmet lover’s delight with a lovely blend of exotic cuisines; it had the best from across the land.2. Amir Ali with Purnima Behl & Manik Soni  DSC_5734 mti news

The birthday girl actress Purnima Behl who shined in a gold dust Saree amongst the attendees said “Birthdays are always special. The day becomes further special when you spend the day with your friends and family”6. Purnima Behl with Sandy DSC_5667 mti news