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Sunny Leone Acts With Her Heart & Eyes In ‘Beiimaan Love’



1(1)The Sunny Leone you have known till now has fascinated the imagination of the masses as she has enamoured everyone with her unparalleled beauty, sensuality and charisma . However, Rajeev Chaudhari’s “Beiimaan Love” will bring you face-to-face with an avatar of Sunny, which is beyond your wildest imaginations! Well, here we are talking about Sunny who has enacted various scenes in this movie, in which she had to cry and – can you believe it? – she actually did it without glycerine !

Yes, indeed you read that right! There was an emotional and melancholic scene where Sunny was in deep grief. She was so immersed into the character that she actually cried on the sets without glycerine and there were tears flowing from her eyes! The Director, Rajeev Chaudhari, was taken aback and asked her how she did it and Sunny’s answer was that she remembered the loss of her parents and got lost in the scene to such an extent that she cried automatically.
There was also another instance where she cried, when she had a break up with her beau, Rajniesh Duggall, in the film. In that scene too, she was able to emote naturally without any glycerine!2

So friends, do you feel that the real Sunny is a very emotional person who can actually enact her scenes with unmatched ease, especially as she had to cry, which proves that she is an actor beyond compare. What say?