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Sumit Khetan makes Sanjay Mishra and Rakesh Bedi to dance on his tunes



Sumit Khetan2 mti newsSumit Khetan the renowned choreographer who is well know for creating visuals who was seen choreographing for Ayushmaan khuraan for songs like Paani Da Rang, Rum Whisky, who had created magic in shows like comedy nights with Kapil and Rang De and Colors Holi, Now he is all set to choreograph new film “Khamakhah Yun Hi” staring Sanjay Mishra, Rakesh Bedi, Sham Mashalkar, Dr.J.S.Randhawa, Sonal Mudgal and many more. The song shot in Thailand and have a different feel to the songs. While talking to the media Sumit said, “The song is very beautiful and we started rehearsal. The work is very different as he has to play with the artists expression and body language and will try extract the best out of them.”

“Khamakhah Yun hi ” is an upcoming Bollywood movie. It is a unique one in the sense that It has real life incidences incorporated in a mature love story , with fun throughout , in a medical background with students of all ages who are doctors .The movie ends on a very different note sending out a special message to the society onSumit Khetan1 mti news extra marital relationships. The music is soft and outstanding as per the opinion of critics. Produced under the banner of Reverberation films Pvt Ltd. the movie will surely leave its imprint in the hearts of the audience.