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Health’s Diabetes Program receives accreditation from American Diabetes Association


on is one of the fastest companies globally to get the official accreditation since the launch of the product

Bangalore, June 2022:, the health-tech startup that seeks to prevent, manage, and reverse diabetes, today announced that the company has received official accreditation by the American Diabetes Association board. The brand is also one of the fastest companies globally to get official accreditation in such a short period since company launch.

The association’s study in’s Diabetes Reversal Program (SDRP) aimed to compare the changes in vital variables pertaining to type 2 diabetes (T2D), among 150 people, where a retrospective analysis was done of people with T2D who participated in SDRP compared with those who were not in SDRP. The findings were presented at the 82nd Scientific Sessions of the ADA in New Orleans, LA.

Backed by Curefit, Endiya Partners, and Tanglin Venture Partners, uses continuous glucose monitoring technology (CGM), which helps users see the real-time impact of various food and lifestyle activities on their blood sugar levels through a highly consumer-centric, data-driven digital health experience.’s holistic data-driven approach helps customers reverse diabetes in 6-12 months’ time.

Madan Somasundaram, co-founder of, commenting on the accreditation, said, “It is a noteworthy accomplishment for the entire team to have gained the accreditation by the American Diabetes Association. Being a strong believer of technology, and the potential it has created for human life, it brings us great pride to have received the association’s credit in such a short duration, which is a testament to the quality and capability of our product. The CGM technology has great ability in reversing the effects of diabetes on human health. We look forward to further assisting people with diabetes through such powerful technological innovations and tools, so that more people can lead better lives.”

According to a study presented at the American Diabetes Association, research reveals that the potential of technology and AI to change the conventional & medication-driven management of diabetes is significant as compared to standard care. With the impact of technology bringing substantial patient satisfaction, quality of life, and total cost of care, the potential to help reverse diabetes and metabolic diseases is higher.

As per the ADA’s analysis in SDRP, through Sugarfit’s Diabetes Reversal Program (SDRP), which uses a coach-led, technology-enabled, and habit-based approach, and with the help of the data points from the CGM technology, users of are monitored regularly and are advised a customised diet. As per the analysis by American Diabetes Association, users showed a reduction in their overall weight, with outcomes affirming positive effects of behaviour change and sustained lifestyle practices in people with type 2 diabetes. Such evidence-based holistic recommendations to users have been life-altering & highly beneficial for people with type 2 diabetes.

Following are the 90-Day results of the study conducted among two groups, where Group 1 used SDRP & Group 2 used standard care with no personal coaching and technology, for diabetes treatment.

Group 1 results:

HbA1c Average Drop 8.7% to 7%

Sugar Reduction Avg: 172 mg/dL to 114mg/dL

Average Weight Loss: 3.1 kgs

93 Users Reduced / Stopped Medicines

Group 2 results:

HbA1c Increased from 7.13% to 7.18%

Sugar level reduction from 143 mg/dL to 141 mg/dL

Average Weight Gain:  0.5kg

Dr Chhavi Mehra, Chief Medical Officer at Sugarfit, commenting on the results of the study said, “We see a drastic difference in the results of diabetes reversal between Group 1 and Group 2. For the patients who underwent SDRP, their blood sugar levels have significantly reduced, and the percentage of change reflecting is much more significant than that of users going through standard care. This demonstrates the power and effectiveness that technology brings to patient care today.”’s comprehensive program combines medical experts with deep technology, which help consumers in coaching, personalised analytics, and integrated devices and testing to help them better understand sugar’s effect. The brand has a presence in Delhi-NCR, Bengaluru, Chennai, Mumbai, and Hyderabad, aiming to expand to more cities in the coming months.

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