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2. Bhushan Agarwal, Abhay Bhargav, Sunil Singh, and Arun Bakshi, During The Press Conference of The Game of Ayodhya DSC_1546Story Inspired by True Facts on Babri Masjid Ayodhya Dispute (As per the Report Of The Liberhan Ayodhya Commission Of Inquiry)

“Game Of Ayodhya”- Love story based on Babri Masjid Ayodhya Dispute stuck in a controversy. Chief Justice (RETD.) Manmohan Sarin, Chairman, FCAT & Pahlaj Nihaliani Chairman Of Central Board Of Film Certification (CBFC) disapproves the film due to the threat of the content in the film misleading the audience.

According to the Pahlaj Nihaliani (CBFC), “The film deals with the controversial issue of Maszid in a provocative manner. It may cause defamation of individuals and body of individuals in the film. Entire picturization is done in a way that it can affect communal harmony. Visuals and dialogues are potentially harmful to the peace, unity and communal harmony. State security is jeopardized and public order is end-angered, if the film is permitted for exhibition. It violate guidelines 2(xvi), 2(xvii). 2(xviii) and 3(i) of cinematograph act. Hence refused for certification”

According to Chief Justice (Retd.) Manmohan Sarin, Chairman, FCAT ” The movie has been screened and viewed by us. It has been projected as fictional love story of a journalist who wants to repent mistakes made by him of wrong reporting in the backdrop of the Ayodhya incident. He wants to repent for the carnage which followed his reporting. While professing to do the above, the film has the major portion tracing the origin and history of the ram Mandir and the demolition of the Babri Masjid. Detailed deliberations , actions and activations of the political leaders and the executive as well as the Government in power have been shown. It seeks to rely on report of Liberhan Commission. It seeks to project the actual account of numerous highly controversial and disputed factual issues which are presently subjudice. The attention of the Counsel has been drawn to these aspects so that he is in a position to address us at length in support of the appeal”

However, under the able patron ship of Sunil Singh, Director of the film, it can be best described as a wonderful blend of offbeat and mainstream cinema which is full of charm, elegance and vivacity. The makers want to tell an old-fashioned story of love, separation and reunion with flourishes and flashes of great cinema igniting what would in lesser hands, appear to be a trite tale of love gone frightfully cliched & shows the reunion of a Muslim girl & a Hindu boy, which means that the makers are trying to bring unity between Hindu & Muslim to bring communal harmony The film is not manufactured or created or any fiction. It is the true events & facts .

Bhushan Agarwal, Executive Producer says “It is not pro-government film, it’s a love story.The film is based on the true fact & events & as per the official stock shot officially procured from film division Mumbai. And the film is totally based as per the Report Of The Liberhan Ayodhya Commission Of Inquiry. Game Of Ayodhya takes a look at the turmoil that our country faced after Babri masjid was demolished and one man’s heroic attempt to stand up to the violence that followed”

“A film doesn’t always need high action scenes and over the top comedy. Sometimes, telling the truth is more interesting and fans love a good film based on real life. ” says Bhushan Agarwal who seems to be confident about the film & eagerly awaits the release.

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