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Spending 8 hours in AC ENVIRONMENT is disastrous for your health




The homes/offices that we build now are mostly sealed and allow very little cross ventilation with less or no sunlight in Indoor space. The Air Conditioner has become a must for these spaces, which only cools the air thus recycling it and trapping all pollutants within the room. Static Electricity generated in AC rooms is another reason for carpets, modern furnishings and soft toys becoming a breeding ground for dust mite, pollen and other harmful gases. Mould and fungi grows in our furniture thus create havoc to our lungs. Living in urban environment also results in PM2.5 (dust particles which are as small as 1/100th of human hair) entering our homes easily. The paint fumes, perfume, candle, mosquito repellant and cleaning solutions emit harmful VOC’s thus adding toxic gases which are even dangerous than most polluting factories.

The worst part is that all these are invisible and lethal that can easily enter our lungs and settle there without any resistance.

You must be thinking that we are crazy, and it does not make any sense to you!!! Please read on….

Why are we not serious about our LUNGS?

LUNG is the only organ that DOESN’T REACT immediately. An apt example is the Warnings on Cigarette packet. In-spite of the severe warnings, most of us blissfully ignore it. The damage caused by the Air Pollution is PERMANENT and DISASTROUS. By the time we realize the extent of damage caused, it is too late and we are left with running to Doctors/ Specialist with several respiratory diseases including severe ones like Allergy/ Asthma.

Why are our children falling sick often?

Prithvi, Akash, Jal Agni and Vayu – These are the five elements that we are made up of. Prithvi & Akash are beyond our control, Jal (Water) & Agni (Food) are already taken care of in best possible ways. What about Vayu (AIR)? We inhale 11000 Litres of Air per day. Air is the most important substance going into our body from outside. During the developing years (0 to 13 years) of a child, the impurities in AIR are ignored by most, causing the biggest damage to our health with several AIR BORNE DISEASES. The Immunity is thereby challenged as we spend most of our time indoor.

“HAWA hi DAWA Hain”

This is taken from a very old saying and we forgot the importance of it with current lifestyle. Remember the good old days when the Doctor diagnosed the illness just by looking at us or by sensing our nerves!!! No MRI, No CT SCAN, No Blood/ Sputum test!!! If any disease was out of bounds they simply send us to hills/ forests or clean environments and our sickness disappeared.

When we visit our historical monuments, we realize the importance of FRESH AIR!! All the historical monuments build in India or abroad have provisions for Fresh Air and sunlight!! But the homes that we build today, in-spite of our perceived best architectural designs, we fail to comply with this basic need.

Cross Ventilation is the best way to get Fresh Air in our Home. But in our urban living condition once we open the window to get fresh air we also welcome a lot of pollutants. Again, when we look at some suspended particles in the air we assume that it is polluted. However the truth is that by simply looking at the air, we cannot determine whether it is clean, fresh or polluted. When we spend a holiday in forest, hills or resorts we feel very fresh and rejuvenated. This is because of the high concentration of Positive and Negative Charged Ions (typically about 4000 ions per cm3) in such natural environments. Hence it is actually the level of the Positive & Negative Ions that determine the freshness of the room. The Positive and Negative Ions (Only with Plasmacluster Ion Technology) also create a substance called Nature’s Detergent (Hydroxyl) which is highly oxidizing that crack the DNA and takes off the protein layer thus rendering it DEAD and INEFFECTIVE. This way the germs and triggers for Asthma, Allergy, Viral, Cold, and Tuberculosis etc can be KILLED and all odours neutralized from AIR & SURFACE.

Does Sharp Plasmacluster replicate the natural method to decompose harmful substances?

Several Health Authorities across the world have recognized Sharp Air Purifiers with Plasmacluster Ion technology to be a superior Indoor Air Treatment solution.

Last but not the least…..

We eagerly and happily spend money on eating out, movies, a yearly holiday, expensive mobile phones and clothes etc, but we forget that AIR is the most important substance going into our body from outside. Imagine a Petrol Engine running on a mixture of Petrol and Kerosene! If we breathe AIR and POLLUTANTS together, our Immune System is challenged, gets tired and the performance gets affected.

We easily take shelter of Doctors who prescribe several expensive and harmful antibiotics to fight the common flu etc, if we rethink and use PREVENTION than CURE for airborne diseases, we might look forward to be a healthy nation.

Breathing fresh air for at least 8 to 10 hours a day will nourish our Cardiovascular system and rest the Immune System thus giving the stamina and energy to fight diseases while in challenging environments.

The author is Product Head at SHARP – Plasmacluster Air Purifier Business in India.

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