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Sonam Kapoor defends Aamir Khan



Sonam Kapoor, bollywood actress at Agenda 15, organised by Aaj tak in New Delhi on Friday-14Bollywood actor Soman Kapoor, while speaking at “Agenda Aaj Tak” conclave here, defended co-actor Aamir Khan for his recent comments and said instead of criticising him, his critics should try and understand the point he is trying to make.

“Aamir Khan is an intelligent man…Rather than criticizing him, we should try and understand him,” Sonam Kapoor said when asked about Aamir Khan’s statement where he had mentioned about his wife Kiran Rao suggesting to leave India due to growing intolerance in India.

“One should take criticism in a constructive way…But if we try and target a person like Aamir, will he be able to speak or express his views. Has anyone thought why an intelligent man is saying such a thing. No one becomes a traitor by expressing his views on some issue,” she added.


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