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Social Media Platform ‘GotChosen’ Unveils Exciting New Season of Contests: A Chance to Shine and Win Big!



Oz Silva, Founder and CEO, GotChosen

Mumbai, 01 August 2023 – GotChosen, the social media platform that prioritises monetization for influencers, announces a new season of its highly anticipated Hashtag Contest and Top 10 Ranking programs, along with the popular weekly Sweepstakes. These initiatives will offer content creators a chance to showcase their talent, engage with their audience, and win fantastic rewards of up to INR 24,000 for each contest. GotChosen has already rewarded its users over INR 45 Lakh in 10 months through various contests.

The Hashtag Contest allows participants to create content and earn monetary prizes. The top three winners also get a chance to be featured on the platform. To participate, users will have to search for the active contest on the platform, click on ‘Join Contest’, and create a relevant and original video based on the contest hashtag description. The Hashtag Contest rewards INR 25,000 every week to the top three most engaged creators.

GotChosen also offers a Sweepstakes Contest wherein participants have a chance to win incredible prizes through a random drawing. Furthermore, by signing up for GotChosen Monetization programs, creators can earn coupons through the Hashtag contest and invitations from friends, increasing their chances to win. The Sweepstakes contest rewards INR 24,000 every week to one lucky winner.

But hold on, there’s more, in addition to the Hashtag and Sweepstakes contests, GotChosen is also introducing the next round of its Top 10 Ranking Contest! The program was launched to recognise top content creators on the platform. There are 3 categories and each one offers 10 monthly prizes. Of these 10 prizes, First-place winners receive INR 16,404, the second-place winners earn INR 12,303, and the third-place winners take home INR 8,202. The monthly rankings are determined by the participants’ activities and daily publications.

Oz Silva, Founder and CEO, GotChosen said“We believe in rewarding our creators and providing them with opportunities to showcase their talent and grow their number of followers. GotChosen’s Hashtag, Top 10 Rankings, and Sweepstakes contests were introduced as an extension of our support to upcoming creators. These contests not only offer content creators the chance to win cash prizes but also provides exposure and recognition for their content. Moreover, it adds an extra layer of excitement and gives participants a chance to win fantastic prizes, in addition to being part of our Monetization programs”.

The popularity of the contests and incentive programs are broadly recognized by the creators in the platform.

Poorvi Sharma from Seekar, who has been a winner of both Hashtag contest and Top 10 Ranking, said“Participating in GotChosen’s contests brought excitement due to the enticing prizes for the winner. Initially, I faced challenges in gaining engagement on my posts, but I overcame this by joining the GotChosen community and supporting fellow creators. I have shared it friends and colleagues, have earned coupons and even entered the $300 lucky draw each week. To increase my chances of winning, I focus on creating top-quality content and following the rules diligently. The contests are worth participating in regularly, especially as it does not include any hidden costs and is based on the content we create. I look forward to future contests as they offer a fantastic opportunity to showcase my creativity and win attractive cash awards.”

Jaipur based Aarchi Sharma, a winner of the Hashtag contest added“The prospect of earning revenue motivated me to join GotChosen and the Hashtag contest, with generous cash reward, further piqued my interest. I encouraged my friends to become part of the community as well. Actively participating in the weekly contests, I posted my content and discovered that I had a chance to win $300 through the sweepstakes; that too with just three content uploads!”


Hashtag Contest winner from Delhi, Sonam commented“The chance to earn from a creator platform made me to join GotChosen. Then, seeing other creators participate and win sparked my interest in the contest, and uplifting comments from my followers motivated me further. Despite fierce competition, I remained consistent and the appreciation I received for my videos and hashtag content made me determined to keep participating. As a digital content creator, it is a great avenue to generate engaging content, while gaining monetary rewards in return. The appreciation and earnings I have received have made me extremely satisfied and without any regrets about being a part of the GotChosen community.”

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