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Sayed Rahi Umair new single “Gunehgaar Ishq” ft. Sharmin Kazi released under music label- Venus Worldwide Entertainment is a massive hit



9. Sayed Rahi Umair (Singer and Actor) DSC_5054I may be slightly biased while saying- “Sayed Rahi Umair ” is an incredibly talented, driven, and captivating artist, and if you haven’t already heard his voice, I urge you to do that NOW!

Sayed Rahi Umair ’s new single ft. Sharmin Kazi “Gunehgaar Ishq” sticks the right chords with the audience. In merely a short span of time, the single has received a lot of views and loaded with likes on social media. The single is on its way to become the chartbuster of the year and the romantic song of 2015-2016.

Sayed Rahi Umair from Kashmir who performed in MTV Colours Of Youth 2013 and was selected from Pune as best singer and performer will storm over the horizon as he will take over the music scenes with the year’s defining moment with the release of his single “Gunehgaar Ishq” released under the banner of prestigious music label Venus Worldwide Entertainment.

Elated about his latest release, Sayed Rahi Umair says “The single is an amalgamation of melody and feel. The song is high on its musical richness, its subtlety and its uncanny ability to reach deep within the hearts. The reason behind the success of the single is that the single had an instant connect with the nation”

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