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Sanjukta Dutta’s Mehkla Chadors enchanted the audience at Mysore Fashion Week 2015



Sanjukta Dutta, An Assamese designer,  showcased her collection of beautiful, hand-crafted two-piece `Mehkla Chadors’ with traditional Assamese motifs inspired by nature, flora and fauna and other geometrical shapes, effectively paired with tasselled head ornamentation to resemble stylish turbans at Mysore Fashion week 2015 held recently. The audiences were left spell-bound with her collection and the show was a resounding success.

Her stylish, fashionable and exquisite range of completely customized Assamese `Mekhla Chador’ and jewellery has not just made her a rage in Eastern India, but is also rapidly capturing the imagination of discerning women in other parts of the country and the world.

With over 100 looms, Sanjukta’s Studio offers customers a wide choice of her characteristic silk `Mekhla Chadors’ with different varieties of coloured silk threads – ranging from orange, blue and yellow apart from traditional colours like red, black and muga. Every single Mekhla Chador designed by her is unique, customized, hand-crafted and goes through a rigorous 45 day production cycle before it can effectively tell the story that the beautiful woman draping it wants it to.

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