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First time ever India to witness a larger than life technology “Animatronics”  “Facial scanning” & “Artificial Intelligence” by Director Shabuddin Chaudhary starring Kannada films Box office sultan challenging star Darshan Thoogudeep

Indian audience has had the pleasure of getting the best of Bollywood, Sandalwood Movie Industry and Hollywood with their favorite stars offering a slew of not just their acting abilities but also treating the audience with the best of technology.

Holding a penchant for Direction and movies, recent to join the bandwagon is a renowned name in Kannada Film Industry – DirectorShabuddin Chaudhary who gears up to bring a never-seen-before technology “Animatronics” , “Facial Scanning” and “Artificial Intelligence” in India through his next directorial with superstar DarshanThoogudeep. “Animatronics” the technique of making and operating life like robots, typically for use in film or other entertainment in his

Brain child of Director Shabuddin Chaudhary to mark the debut of “Animatronics”,  “Facial Scanning” and “Artificial Intelligence”in India, he exclaims “Introducing Animatronics, Facial Scanning and Artificial Intelligence in India has been a dream which I have nurtured for quite some time. This technology has never been attempted before in India. In fact nobody is familiar to this technology in India. Animatronics is used in Hollywood movie like Fast and Furious 7 Avengers, Predators and Aliens, Terminator, Prometheus,Jurassic Park and many more but it’s time for the Indian Audience to see the same technology on their favorite stars”

Elaborating about this unique technology Director Shabuddin Chaudhary says “Animatronics is the illusion of life achieved via electronic devices. Animatronics techniques using robots to imitate human and animal activities are widely practiced in movie making to create imaginary life-like creatures. Animatronics technology makes it possible to replicate a living being’s action and facial expressions”. 

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