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ReSound LiNX2™: Hearing has never felt so effortless



LiNX2 Image ReSound LiNX2™launches in India today. For people with hearing loss looking to connect, interact and engage with their world on equal footing as everyone else, hearing has never felt so effortless. Building on the revolutionary capabilities of ReSound LiNX™, the world’s smartest hearing aid, ReSound LiNX2takes the user experience to the next level with Spatial Sense™ and by offering more options to more people. With a broader range of models and prices, now everyone, including people who prefer custom molded models, can experience direct stereo sound streaming from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch without the need for an additional pendant-like device. The new Spatial Sense technology gives users a vivid sense of space and speech in top-rated sound quality, thanks to Surround Sound by ReSound.  Users also have the option to personalize their hearing experience directly through the award-winning ReSound Smart™ App.

ReSound LiNX2 is the fourth premium family of hearing aids to come out of GN ReSound’s proprietary 2.4 GHz wireless platform and builds on already industry-leading technologies in all areas of Smart Hearing (audiology, connectivity, design, and apps).

  • ReSound LiNX2 applies the latest and most advanced version of Surround Sound by ReSound. It includes new Spatial Sense, giving a vivid sense of where sounds are coming from, and Binaural DirectionalityTM II, contributing to effortless speech understanding. Surround Sound by ReSound is a unique system for processing sound using advanced technologies that emulate the human ear, producing sound that is true-to-life.
  • ReSound LiNX2 offers direct streaming of sound from Apple iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, allowing wearers to utilize their hearing aids as high-quality stereo headphones to talk on the phone, make FaceTime calls and listen to music in high-quality stereo sound without the need of an additional remote control, accessory or pendant. They can also easily access hearing aid features from within the device itself, including volume, battery life, presets, and Live Listen, which uses the iPhone’s built-in microphone to deliver sound to the hearing aid.
  • Users can choose from a comprehensive range of modern, durable designs, optimized to be discreet, robust and comfortable. New ergonomic designs and the new Sure Fit™ receiver system deliver all-day comfort and better acoustic performance. And iSolate™ nanotech coating delivers robust protection from water, sweat and earwax.
  • ReSound LiNX2offers a personalized hearing experience through effortless and direct control of settings from the ReSound Smart App. Users can discreetly adjust volume, treble, and bass and create favorite programs for the places visited most often. New personalization options only for ReSound LiNX2 users includes sound enhancement features to better personalize listening situations involving speech, noise and wind. The ReSound Smart™ App also features a ‘Find My Hearing Aid’ function to help users pinpoint their hearing aids if misplaced, as well as guidance on their care and maintenance. iPhone, iPad or iPod touch users have easy access to control hearing aid features (program, volume, battery life) via a simple triple click of the Home button.
  • For those with tinnitus, or ringing in the ear, ReSound LiNX2 includes a built-in tinnitus therapy sound generator, with new Nature Sounds, using the calming sounds of water to achieve relief from tinnitus. ReSound is also the creator of the ReSound ReliefTM App, offering soothing sounds and relaxing exercises to help people with and without hearing loss find relief from their tinnitus.

Users preferring Android or other Bluetooth phones can get hands-free phone operation and direct stereo sound through the ReSound Unite™ Phone Clip+.

“ReSound LiNX2 is the latest step in our efforts to make hearing as natural and effortless as possible,” said GN ReSound India Managing Director Sunil Vinzanekar. “We revolutionized hearing aid technology in 2014 with the introduction of ReSound LiNX, a game changing, Smart Hearing device that offered incredible sound quality, connectivity and control.  ReSound LiNX2 builds on that unmatched capability, bringing even more empowerment to users that expect the best quality without compromise in an increasingly connected world.”

ReSound LiNX2 is available in three variants, ReSound LiNX2 5 priced at INR 82,995, ReSound LiNX2 7 priced at INR 1,29,995 and ReSound LiNX2 9 priced at INR 2,49,995 through dispensers across all major cities in India.

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