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Rays Experts pledges to save 2MT of CO2 with its clean energy solutions of 3000MW




  • So far, has saved 600,000T CO2 per year through its existing projects
  • Solar project installations have saved 800,000 T of coal per year


Mumbai, 7th June 2022: Rays Expert, India’s leading solar power plant company, has committed to commission solar projects of 3000MW and more to contribute significantly to clean energy space in India. As the country’s top solar EPC company, Rays Experts provides comprehensive clean energy solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, solar park, and utility-scale projects.

Many of India’s largest grid-connected PV power facilities have been planned, financed, engineered, built, and are being operated by Rays Power Experts. Through its various installations, it has managed to save 600,000T of CO2 every year resulting in saving 800,000T of coal every year.

With the potential projects in the pipeline, Rays Experts will further help in saving 2MT CO2 every year. The current projects have led to a saving of 70MT CO2 which is equivalent to 100 MT of coal. These numbers have a substantial long-term impact on environment conservation.

Every year, over 143 countries participate in World Environment Day, which serves as a global initiative for public outreach. It serves as a reminder for national and multinational corporations, non-profits, cities, and governments to advocate for environmental causes.

Rahul Gupta, MD & CEO Rays Power Experts Pvt. Ltd. said, “Using clean and renewable energy is one of the key steps in lowering our negative impact on the environment. We, at Rays Experts, firmly believe in the environmental conservation movement and have efficiently cut down the CO2 emissions through our various installations across the country and intend to continue the same with our future projects. Solar energy solutions are the answer to many of our environmental woes, and this is why we are passionate about our business and its growth. We are confident that our current and future projects will have significant potential to create a greener future tomorrow.”

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