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Press Release for Chhavi Mittal



23c402624cc02c49dab7e2c56aab7f2dAfter the successful launch of their spoof Game of Thorns – The Desi Hustle,  founders of the YouTube channel, Shitty Ideas Trending (SIT), Chhavi Mittal and Mohit Hussein are back with the second episode for their web series called ‘The Better Half’ which has released today. The series is about the situations that a married couple usually go through in their day to day life. It is very relatable and funny. When we asked the couple, Chhavi and Mohit about the episode which has released today, ‘Hum Kisise Kum Nahin’, they said, “Now-a-days, digital content is on the rise, & a lot of it is consumed  on mobiles. Couples share such content with each other. Especially with a channel like ours, we do a lot of married couple sketches and videos, so our content is shared a lot with the husbands and wives. Many a times, couples are not able to express their situation and feelings directly, so they find it very helpful and easy to share such videos which convey the complete message in a hilarious way without hurting the feelings of the other half. So the new video is about this sharing business that usually a husband and a wife use to communicate when there are times they cannot say something to them directly”.
This is a fun series as most of them can connect to it. ‘The Better Half’ stars Chhavi Mittal herself and the male lead is Sukant Goel, who is a fine actor and has a strong theatre background. He was also seen in the film Kapoor & Sons. Most episodes, as this one, are written by the creator, Mohit Hussein.