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17. Kunal Pandit Performing DSC_0079 - CopyNrityacharya Pt. Gaurishankar Foundation

used the power of music for

Mayor Snehal Ambekar, Prashant Virender Sharma, Aneel Murarka, Shweta Khanduri, Gautam Arora, Raina Agni, Gulfam khan etc at the fundraising event “MUSIC IS LIFE” in aid of Bihar earthquake victims via music.

Directed by: Virendra Shankar

Chairman: Pt. Bhimashankar

Anchored by: RJ Anurag Pandey & VJ Simran Ahuja

MUSIC IS LIFE- Lose yourself to the music with music patrons performing live at a musical concert in Mumbai on Saturday, the proceeds of which will go to earthquake victims. The concert was held on Saturday evening at Birla Matoshree Auditorium, New Marine one of the biggest auditoriums at 7:30 PM in Mumbai

While zeal and passion continue to gain trust the attendees of the extravaganza were definitely in for a melodious evening. Setting the tone for the rest of the evening, the evening offered a slew of entertaining songs.

The musical evening was witnessed by music connoisseur not just from the musical industry but from Bollywood comprising of  Mayor Snehal Ambekar, Prashant  Virender sharma , Aneel Murarka , Gulfam Khan , Umesh pherwani ,Shweta Khanduri etc

Directed by Virendra Shankar, he exclaims “MUSIC IS LIFE is a musical concert in aid for earthquake victims. It’s a philanthropic gesture from Music Fraternity to extend our help to the earthquake victims. And for the first time ever we have such big names under one roof, all standing firm in order to help the earthquake victims”.

Entrepreneur & producer Prashant Virender sharma says “The idea behind the concert is very noble. We need to hold such concerts as collective effort  which not only involves entertainment but also involve philanthropy

Actress Shweta Khanduri says “It makes me feel extremely happy to have been able to contribute for all those who have suffered because of the earth quake. I feel proud to be a part of the evening”.

Singer, Performer Raina Agni says “If one’s voice or talent can contribute to for a noble cause, what more can you ask for. As  a singer, i feel music is the best way to spread a word about a noble initiative

After triumphing upon the hearts of millions, the musical evening witnessed renowned artist under the same roof. Each artist holding a passion for music and philanthropy was a part of the extravagant concert.

ARTIST PERFORMING- Shadab Faridi (Sufi/ Bollywood Fame); Altmash Faridi (Sufi/ Bollywood Fame); Priyani Vani (Classical); Kunal & Sameer Pandit (Bollywood Fame); Harsh Shankar (Bollywood Fame); Mandakini Bora (Ghazal Rock); Rekha Rao (Folk Fussion); Shankar Brothers (Percussion) & Deepak Pandit (Violin Maestro

Nrityacharya Pt. Gaurishankar Foundation used the power of music by hosting a musical evening “MUSIC IS LIFE” in order to extend their help to the earthquake victims, the proceeds of which will be used in the benefit of the earthquake victims.

The world looked like an absolute horror as a deadly earthquake hit few parts of the country. The effects of the disaster have directly affected humongous amount of lives and caused a great amount of casualties

Hence, Music of all genres has always has the unique ability to bring people together for a cause, and what better way than hosting a concert.  While zeal and passion towards the music continue to cause fervor in nation, musical concert “MUSIC IS LIFE” holds a penchant towards philanthropy. The primarily mission of “MUSIC IS LIFE” musical concert is to collect funds for earthquake victims but with a pinch of entertainment.


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