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Padam Shri Dr. Ashok Chakradhar at book launch ‘From Where I See’



Author Ajay Yadav, who got instant fame after the release of Short text book of Anesthesia now comes up with “From Where I See”, in an altogether different mood. On ‘World Book Day’ the book was launched at the Constitution Club of India, in the august presence of Dr. GVG Krishnamurthy, former election commissioner of India, Padam Shri Dr. Ashok Chakradhar – renowned Hindi poet and writer, Dr. Gurinder Singh – member Press Council of India, Mr. Deepak Singh – Editor of Indian Observer and Cultural Ambassador of Seychelles, Prof. Harish Narang – Retd. Professor of JNU and member of Sahitya Academy, and many other eminent personalities.

In ‘From Where I See’ Ajay Yadav mustered up courage to talk about many sensitive issues pertaining to social norms and religious dictums. The book instigates readers to think about the prevailing social stigmas and religious taboos which are mostly manmade, but guised in the garb of religious and moral values.

At the launch of the book, Dr. CVG Krishnamurthy (Chief Guest of the Event) said, “Mr. Ajay Yadav has raised those valid questions which come to every mind, but people deliberately condone these to avoid furious confrontations with the society. Consequently, the entire world is experiencing divisions, conflicts, hatred and diabolical wars. ‘From Where I see, showcases the anxiety of a curious mind and an unflinching crave to change the world with rationalism and foresightedness.”

The author shared his concerns on the dice and commented, “There are several important issues which need immediate attention in the society. Aren’t we trying to change what is not possible and ignoring what needs to be changed? With this aim I had made an effort to understand the basic and evolving concept of social norms, culture, religion and the institution of marriage. This book is meant for those, who are open minded, have courage to accept the truth and desires to bring a change in this world.”

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