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OYO | Story of Asset Owner from Alibag helping people during Covid



Corona Warriors: Caregivers battling the fight against the pandemic

  Dr Makarand Arvind : OYO 15152 Raghusheela Cottage

Hailing from Nagaon village near Alibag, Makarand Arvind has set an exemplary example by being a caregiver in these times of distress. He observed that the Ayush Ministry had released an advisory which highlighted the holistic approach of Ayush in treating dietary management, improving immunity and symptom management of COVID-19 like illnesses. With the motive of helping people develop strong immunity so that they are less susceptible to infections, he started providing Arsenicum album to over 500 families free of charge. He has a private dispensary by the name of Makarand clinic where he engages with patients on a daily basis, treating them for any possible infection and also providing medicines. Due to the ongoing pandemic he is also providing free masks and sanitisers to people who visit his clinic for consultation.

As the lockdown eased in states across India, he observed that there were many families that didn’t have the financial assistance to reach their destinations and hence were stranded. Arvind extended support to such families by arranging buses for 300 people in his village and helped them in reaching their respective destinations. He also arranged for ration and commodity items which he has been providing to people on a frequent basis.