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Opportunity to learn 9 different forms of Garbha at RCity Mall Garbha Workshop



On the auspicious occasion of Navratri, get the taste of Gujarat’s traditional folk culture with an exclusive Garbha Workshop at RCity Mall  (1) organized by RCity Mall on 17th & 18th of October 2015, 6pm onwards at the Artium of the mall. Effectively sought out, experienced and skilled Garbha Professionals trained in Garbha will be present to teach & brush up the dance skills with 9 different forms of Garbha like (Dandia Raas, Taliclap Raas, Khanjari musical instrument raas, Manjira musical instrument raas, diva clay lamp raas, Tippni special stick raas, Talwar raas, beda raas, thaliplate raas,etc.) to all the customers present at the mall to perform garbha like experts. In addition, these garbha professionals will also showcase an authentic garbha performance dressed in traditional navratri outfits to create the joyous atmosphere of Navratri.

Along with the former, the people can also enjoy scrumptious and lip smacking food at the Food Court of the mall that serves a variety of cuisines for one to indulge in. So experience the best of Navratri & the zest of the ever energetic Gujarati Folk Dance all at a spectacular destination – Rcity Mall,Ghatkopar.