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On A Jazz Trail This Winter



jic-2016-03-mti-news-4New Delhi: Teamwork Arts, with its characteristic accent on creating platforms for the best in performing arts across the world, has now embarked on setting up a jazz circuit to entertain and educate jazz lovers. Buoyed by a very successful jazz festival in Delhi in 2015, Teamwork’s Jazz India Circuit will spread the word and sound of jazz across the country through a series of concerts. The Jazz India Circuit will straddle the classic and the distilled along with the edgy and contemporary with efficacy and élan.jic-2016-03-mti-news-3

Sanjoy Roy, M.D, Teamwork Arts says, “Teamwork Arts continues to innovate and experiment and create platforms for the arts. Jazz India Circuit (JIC) aims to reignite the jazz scene in India through a series of festivals across the country including in Goa and NCR.”

The 2016 Jazz India Circuit will take off with Teamwork Arts’ recently acquired Goa International Jazz Live Festival (26th-27th November) and reach its crescendo with the legendary Jazz Yatra in Delhi (3rd-4th December), in collaboration with Capital Jazz, to feature jazz icon Stanley Jordan as its headlining act.jic-2016-03-mti-news-6

A frothy, experimental jazz celebration will symbolize Goa’s quintessential spirit and be all about ‘The Joy of the Experiment’, where the heart of the show is jazz, but the body and soul is spiced up with experimental jams, punk, funk and other genres. Free of the shackles of the classic, the edgy and experimental nature of the music will speak to the ears, the feet and the soul.

jic-2016-03-mti-news-7The heady cocktail of artistes who comprise the GIJLF line-up include the likes of Hely (Switzerland), DMT Jazz Trio (Delhi), Gael Horellou Identite (Reunion Island), Yuichiro Tokuda’s Ralyzzdig (Japan), Tam De Villiers Quartet (France), World Service Project (UK), Malika Tirolien (Canada), and Steve Sequeira Ensemble (Goa).

NCR Audiences will experience a heavy dose of nostalgia this year with the return of the iconic Jazz Yatra, the festival that defined jazz through the 70s and the 80s. The idea is to ‘Put the Classic Back into Jazz’, recreating the raw energy, passion and sheer genius of the analog times through performances by Indian and international artistes.

The Jazz India Circuit is poised to become a definitive music event, offering an itinerary of choices and cities, a must-do marked by both original lovers of the genre and new followers in their annual live music calendars.