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“No Touch LASIK” is a revolution in the field of refractive surgery – Dr Aarti Agrawal Bahuva



Mumbai, July 20, 2022: This new technique called “No Touch LASIK” is a revolution in the field of refractive surgery. LASIK surgery is a laser refractive surgery that uses a special kind of laser to change the shape of the cornea

TransPRK is an Advanced Surface Ablation technique to reshape the corneal contour without making a cut or creating a corneal flap. Girls above 18yrs and boys above 21yrs or when the glass power is stable for a minimum of 6 months can opt for this technique. Within 2 minutes and without even touching the eye, glasses can be removed permanently.

In a candid conversation with our editor-in-chief, Mr. Riyaz Ahmed speaks with Dr. Aarti Agrawal Bahuva Consultant Refractive Surgeon at Agrawal Eye Hospital and Sanjeevani LASIK Centre said “We added this latest Excimer Laser Platform to our refractive armamentarium the Schwind Amaris 750s recently in 2021. We at Agrawal Eye Hospital and Sanjeevani LASIK Centre are the first to install it all over Maharashtra and Mumbai with merely 8 installations all over India. After performing more than 700 eyes on this refractive suite, we can now proudly say that it is by far the finest machine to date. The beauty of this machine is the TransPRK mode. It can remove the entire eye power without a cut or a flap very smoothly”. So for all those who are skeptical about using a blade or making a cut on your eyes this is surely a procedure for you.


Dr Aarti also mentioned ” It is a moment of profound happiness as we reach another milestone. We completed our 500 successful implantations of a unique lens known as Phakic Lens to remove high-power glasses at Agrawal Eye Hospital. She further added that ” The journey from 0 to 500th lens over a period of 5 years has been overwhelming. I am thankful to all my patients who have kept their trust in me and believed in me. I shall be forever grateful to each one of you for making me who I am today”.

Phakic Intra Ocular Lens implantation is a revolutionary technology to get rid of high-powered glasses in which laser vision correction is contraindicated. This simple 5-minute technique is a life changer for many.


Agrawal Eye Hospital and Sanjeevani LASIK Centre regularly invest in the latest machines available for LASIK, and other surgical and pre-surgical testing equipment available in the market. From LASIK to Cataract surgery to Cosmetic surgery to the treatment of Retinal diseases Agrawal Eye Hospital has treatment for all under one roof.


Dr. Aarti Agrawal Bahuva is a second-generation ophthalmologist specializing in the field of refractive surgery and advanced cataract surgery. Throughout her career as an ophthalmologist that has spanned more than 8 years now, Dr. Aarti has treated thousands of patients who have benefited from her expertise and experience. After finishing her MBBS from K.J.Somiaya University in Mumbai under the ages of Maharashtra University of Health Sciences. She then pursued her Master’s at Mahatma Gandhi Mission hospital in Mumbai. Post her graduation she joined a fellowship in advanced cataract and refractive surgery at one of the leading institutes of India Narayana Nethralaya in Bangalore. Along with her fellowship, she completed her DNB ophthalmology and cleared FAICO (Fellow All India Collegium of Ophthalmology) in refractive surgery.

Her academic interest has led her to present multiple papers and posters at various national and international conferences. She is frequently invited as a guest speaker on various platforms to share her views on Cataracts and refractive surgery. In her quest to constantly improve herself, Dr. Aarti Agrawal Bahuva attends many overseas conferences on a regular basis, where she interacts with her international colleagues to evaluate new and existing technologies, to ensure that her patients get access to true and unbiased information and benefit from the best treatments available today.

She is continually involved in teaching and has conducted training courses for ophthalmologists in LASIK and other laser vision correction procedures. Her special interest lies in different types of refractive surgeries including Bladeless LASIK, Topo-guided refractive treatments, Phakic intraocular lenses, and others. She is the only young doctor in Mumbai to have performed over 500 Phakic intraocular lens surgery in a span of fewer than 5 years. Currently, she is working as a senior consultant in cataract and refractive services at Agrawal eye hospital and heading the refractive department at Sanjeevani eye hospital.

Dr. Aarti Agrawal Bahuva along with being a phenomenal doctor has a deep sense of social responsibility and takes part in organizing and conducting various eye camps in schools, colleges as well as at remote villages. She regularly takes part in the free surgical eye camps held in Vrindavan and Dungarpur all around the year. She selects the procedure that is safe and one that best suits her patient’s needs and fits their profile, in order to render the finest possible outcomes. Patients are at the heart of Dr. Aarti’s practice, and she treats every patient with compassion, utmost care, and respect. This outlook has established unique bonds with many of her patients over the years.












Riyaz Ahmed, Editor In Chief, Mti News



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