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logo-300x75NewsPatrolling is an online news portal dedicated to offering an assortment of stories from various domains such as entertainment, politics, business, lifestyle, careers, sports, reviews, automobile, technology and leisure.


NewsPatrolling was launched in the year 2013. At that time, it was published as a blog, focused primarily on technology news and updates. Overtime, it matured into a full-fledged news portal catering to various other topics such as entertainment, politics, business, lifestyle, careers, sports, reviews, automobile, technology and leisure. Today, NewsPatrolling has a sizable online viewership, which is constantly growing.

Ownership was started by a group of 5 freelance bloggers, who felt the need to provide unbiased stories to its readers. The news portal is not affiliated to any political group or business entity, something that allows it to publish unbiased stories from around the world. At present (2015), NewsPatrolling has a staff of 25 people, most of whom are freelance reporters.

Political Stance and Editorial Opinion was established with the goal to provide unbiased stories to its readers. As compared to other news portals that may be influenced by powerful forces in the political and corporate world, NewsPatrolling is free from such pressures. As the name suggests, NewsPatrolling is all about protecting the news, i.e. providing the true version to its readers. Similar to what a police patrol is tasked to accomplish – protect the citizens of the country.

Since inception, one of the mainstays of NewsPatrolling is its support to the common people, who may have been affected by any scam or bad customer service. Often, stories of such people are ignored by the mainstream media, which restricts awareness and can lead to more people ending up as victims. Such people often lack the resources needed to fight back and get their problems resolved through legal action. NewsPatrolling lends a voice to these people by publishing their stories on the news portal and making it available to a global audience. This helps spreads awareness as well as puts pressure on the political system to provide the necessary legal and monetary support.

Fraudsters and other unscrupulous entities are always working hard to find ways to deny the common man of his quest for a peaceful life. They do this deliberately, fully aware that the common man has neither the time nor the monetary resources to defend themselves. By providing a voice to protect the interests of the common man, NewsPatrolling has managed to provide succor to several people affected by scams, bad customer service, and biased policies and decisions of the government.


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