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New TVC from Perfetti Van Melle India for Center Fruit Endless



Hi-res Pack- Fruit-EndlessIndia’s leading gum brand, Center Fruit by Perfetti Van Melle has rolled out a new innovation ‘Center fruit Endless’. The delicious striped gum in Strawberry mix flavour, promises to deliver a long lasting fruit flavour. The launch is supported by a campaign conceptualised by O&M.

Arun Sharma, Controller Marketing, Perfetti Van Melle India, said, “We have a strong focus on delighting the consumers with relevant innovations. Long lasting taste is an important benefit for the consumers, and we believe this innovation will delight the consumers. The communication challenge was to convey the long lasting flavour in the signature Center fruit way”

Center Fruit has been communicating its irresistible taste through its iconic tagline ‘Kaisi Jeebh Laplapayi’. This time the brand is all set to make tongues go ‘laplap’ for longer and that too in true Bollywood style, to convey its long lasting flavour.

Taking a cue from typical old Bollywood movies, where a young kid transforms into a grown man, while he runs on the streets. The new commercial shows two kids playing on a street. One starts running after the other in a mock chase. Suddenly they start running behind a bus non-stop, wagging their tongues as if they’re being compelled by some force. It is because the back of the bus has a Center Fruit Endless banner stuck on it. And they run for so long that they grow up.

“The product benefit of a long lasting flavour means long lasting ‘laplap’. To illustrate this, we used the typical 70s Bollywood growing-up sequences. It was the perfect fit and brought out the benefit in the usual, funny Center Fruit way” says Anurag Agnihotri, Executive Creative Director at O&M.

Launched in 2006, Center Fruit is the country’s first fruit-flavoured, liquid-filled gum and comes in a variety of flavours including Fruits, Strawberry, Watermelon and Maharaja Mango. Positioned as a fun, lip-smacking chewing gum, Center Fruit has a number of memorable campaigns with tongues wagging, thereby strongly establishing the brand in consumers’ minds.

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