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New TVC from Perfetti Van Melle India for Alpenliebe Creamfills



Picture 4Creamfills Alpenliebe, one of the fastest growing brands of Perfetti Van Melle India, is out with a new thematic TVC, to showcase why it is special. The brand which is hugely popular among consumers, saw sales doubling over last year backed by insightful consumer oriented efforts including new flavor launches and promotions.

To scale up the brand further, it was felt that the key product attribute of “rich creamy filling” needs to be highlighted more prominently. The challenge for advertising was how to depict this in a distinctive manner that appealed to kids and adults alike. The brand decided to do away with the traditional method of showing glamorous drool shot and went ahead with the analogy route. The film builds on the insight that most of us have a hidden talent, some aspect of personality that is not known to the world at large.  In the film, we see character of a grandfather who has, completely unexpected talent at performing the hilarious “Naagin” dance. People around realize that there is a “Naagin” that resides in him, just like the rich creamy filling that resides in Creamfills Alpenliebe.

Campaign is conceived by Prasoon Joshi, Chairman Asia Pacific, CEO & Chief Creative Officer India. Commenting on the film he said, “This one is culturally rooted and irreverent at the same time which I am sure will add another dimension to brand Alpenliebe’s communication.”

Commenting on the campaign, Mandar Keskar, Category Head, Marketing, Perfetti Van Melle, said, “Communication builds on a strong insight that all of us can relate to and does job of delivering brand message of “ creamy filling” in a very clear & humorous way”

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