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My Home India’s ‘One India Award’ conferred upon S. Quotient Sumer, a well-known author from Meghalaya



L-R  Suhas Samant, Sunil Deodhar, Gautam Thakur, Awardee Quotient Sumer, Rajdatta ji, Marioda Passwate, Dr. Harish Shetty

Mumbai, 30th December 2021: My Home India’s ‘One India Award’ conferred upon S. Quotient Sumer, a well-known author from Meghalaya by the Hands of Shre. Rajdatta ji, Chief Guest Senior Actor and Director

Sunil Deodhar, Founder & BJP national secretary, President of Saraswat Bank Gautam Thakur, President of ‘My Home India’ Dr. Harish Shetty & Secretary Suhas Samant along with various dignitaries were present on dais.

Rajdatta said about Awardee Quotient that, “I am overwhelmed when I felicitate such a great and noble personality. Our words are short to talk about the awardee. His work is really noble. I salute his work. “He further said, “My Home India has played a vital role in connecting the people of Northeast India with the rest of India. My Home India’s contribution is certainly remarkable. “

“Quotient Sumer is great and ideal person who fights for his religion and culture for the last several years against anti-national forces which have been operating in the states of Northeast India. The award was given to Quotient Sumer, who has been instrumental in thwarting such forces, not just him, but the award itself, “said BJP national secretary Sunil Deodhar. He was speaking as the keynote speaker at the India Award Ceremony.

We were not familiar with Kiang Nangba, who hanged by Britishers in Meghalaya in year 1862 for the War of Independence, but he became famous because of the writings of Quotient Sumer. Sunil Deodhar further said that, “Many such historical, cultural events, stories, battles in Meghalaya came before the world due to the writings of the great leader Quotient Sumer.”

“We are one, we are Indian first, and secondly we are of our respective states,” said by Quotient the awardee. The Northeast is also an integral part of India. Many organizations have been working for this for many years, and such work should continue. The honor I have received is not my personal one, it is the honor of the whole Northeast.

In the closing speech of the program, the president of the organization, Dr. Harish Shetty said that the work of an organization like ‘My Home India’ needs to grow continuously, young people should work for the people of Northeast India. My Home India Secretary Suhas Samant welcomed the audience.