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Mulund, Mumbai :As part of ‘My Health Project’ supported by GeBBS Healthcare Solutions, implemented by People to People Health Foundation (PPHF) and in local partnership with Nirabhra Foundation, a Dissemination Meeting was organized in Mulund today. The event marked the conclusion of ‘My Health Project’ which aimed at contributing to improving knowledge and a call for action in adopting the appropriate health-seeking behaviours. The project effectively engaged pregnant, lactating women and adolescent girls.

Achievements and highlights of the event were shared by team PPHF. The Dissemination Meeting set the platform for sharing the achievements, highlights and learnings from the program, It was observed that the involvement of technical experts worked well within the community. Participatory approach was key to getting the community involved and helped in knowing their situations, experiences and perspectives on subjects. Among adolescents, appreciation and encouragement helped them in putting forward their queries without any hesitancy. Through the project, existing myths were scientifically busted and the community was made aware about anemia, nutrition, WASH, maternal and childcare, especially during pregnancy and early childhood.

Through the program, water stations and BMI Corners were also set up in two schools. The program has improved health and well-being of the underprivileged community in Bhandup and Mulund, Mumbai. The School health and nutrition positively impacted nutrition practices of young children and adolescents. As way forward, the project can focus extensively on transforming knowledge into action resulting in change in health-seeking behaviors.

Dr Laxmikant Palo, CEO, PPHF remarked: “The health condition of urban slum dwellers needs to be improved as they face greater health hazards due to population density and environmental pollution. My Health Project is an attempt to address some of these challenges through community participation. We appreciate the support received from GeBBS Healthcare Solutions for the most vulnerable section of the urban population in Mumbai.”

Dr. Rajnish Gourh Chairman-MD, Nirabhra Foundation said- “My Health Project” has established a solid foundation to serve disadvantaged mothers, children, and adolescents from Bhandup and Mulund slums. The project aims to empower them and connect them with various government schemes, leading to improved health and nutrition

From December 2022 till March 2023, My Health Project has reached out to more than 2877 adolescent girls from 8 schools, about 2580 pregnant women, and lactating mothers from 58 Anganwadi centers across Bhandup ‘S’ ward and Mulund ‘T’ ward. More than 5400 people have been impacted by the project.

About My Health Project: The project has been effectively engaging pregnant, lactating women and adolescent girls for bringing behavioral changes in their day-to-day life by creating awareness of Health, Nutrition, and WASH. The project aims to contribute to improving knowledge and a call for action n in adopting the appropriate health-seeking behaviors

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