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2. Sangam, with Mrs. Shah, Deepak Shah (Pianist) Aneel Murarka & Shweta Khanduri  IMG_0814“RAAGA SYMPHONY”, an evening of soulful music dedicated to the legacy of Pure Hind. Classical Music; Conceived- Composed and Designed by Raaga Pianist- Deepak Shah

Raaga Pianist – Deepak Shah along Bharat Shah, Umashankar Shukla, Suchismita Chatterjee, Madhav Pawar, Shreedhara Chari, String Section of Violins & Violas, Live Chorus, Sangam Upadhyay performed with an ensemble of singers and top line musicians. The spectrum of the presentation was a state of the art technology, great visual effects, good choreography and interesting renditions of his original scores, music especially generated for the concert.

The concert “RAAGA SYMPHONY” was presented in a symphonic manner, complete with LED Visual Backdrop, A Live String Segment of Group Violins and Chores, with a music conductor and compere.

The high intensity concert witnessed crème-de-la-crème crowd from not just Music Industry but also from Bollywood and Corporate Industries as well comprising of Aneel Muraraka ,Padma Binani, Kalyanji,Shweta Khanduri etc

Deepak Shah, the man behind “RAAGA SYMPHONY” elaborates about the show saying “The show’s unique format is the step in the direction of popularizing Hind, Classical Music, making it understandable and enjoyable to the “Classes and Masses”, also in the process attracting the attention of today’s youth introducing them to our rich Musical Heritage through this spectacular Musical extravaganza, “RAAGA SYMPHONY

Hind, Classical Music has immense capacity of limitless possibilities and exploration, thus collaborating the Classical Raagas composed in a melodious harmony and presenting them in the most unique and innovative manner- Deepak Shah, takes a small step towards bringing a revolution to the perception of Hind Classic Music.

A very rare concept where our rich musical cultural heritage- Hind “Classical” Music meets the awe aspiring – Western “Classic” Instrument the Grand Piano; such a concept of “RAAGA SYMPHONY” is being introduced by Deepak Shah.

The show “RAAGA SYMPHONY” is an attempt to create new dimensions to our tradition approach to Hind. Classical Music with Aesthetic- Contemporary Symphonic layering and exploring the rich grammar and fine nuances in these two beautiful Heritage Classical Music forms- Raagas & Symphony- while keeping the pure heart of classical music, beating in rhythmic motions.