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Mumbaikars – Now brace yourself for an increase in Auto and Taxi fares by Rs 2 and 3 respectively



Mumbai 27th September 2022 : Today the Maharashtra transport department approved an increase in auto and taxi fares by 2 and 3 respectively and all autos and taxi meters will have to be recalibrated by November 30, 2022.

The decision to hike fares of these two modes of transport was taken by the state government after the auto taxi unions thrice threatened to go on strike in the last two months. Considering the fact that all the citizens will have to bear the brunt of the strike and also the fact that the CNG prices have increased, a softer stand was taken. Sources said a few officials negotiated with the unions to bring down the hike demand, which was as high as Rs 5. Finally after a lot of negotiation the price hike was brought down to Rs. 2 for autorickshaw and Rs. 3 for taxis.

A circular by the Regional Transport Office RTO read, “We have considered the increasing prices of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) from 49/kg in March 2021 to 80 currently. Keeping in mind the inflation, rise in fuel prices and after recommendations from the Khatua committee a meeting was held with auto, taxi unions and passenger associations on Monday. The decision was taken to increase the fare to 23 for autos and 28 for taxis, cool cabs will charge at 40.”

These fares are applicable for all autos and taxis in the city irrespective of the fuel used. Till recalibration of meters is not complete, autos and taxis will be allowed to use valid tariff card.

The fare for autos was 21 for the first 1.5km and has now increased to 23. For every kilometre thereafter, 15.33 will be charged in place of 14.20. Meanwhile, taxis that used to ply for 25 for the first 1.5 km has increased to 28 and for every kilometre thereafter, 18.66 will be charged instead of 16.93.


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